High-frequency Traders Reassessing Strategies on Flash Crash Anniversary at The Speed Traders Workshop 2014 New York City with Edgar Perez

Edgar Perez, former McKinsey and IBM consultant, is a global expert, author of The Speed Traders, Knightmare on Wall Street, and the course director of The Speed Traders Workshop, "How Banks, Hedge and Mutual Funds and Brokers Battle Markets 'RIGGED' by Wall Street's 'Flash Boys', High-frequency Trading, Exchanges and Dark Pools", in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Munich, London, Dubai, Brussels, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai.

New York, NY, USA (May 1, 2014) -- The Flash Crash of May 6, 2010, was a stock market anomaly where the major market indexes dropped by over 9% (including a roughly 7% decline in a roughly 15 minute span at approximately 2:45 pm eastern time before a partial rebound. Temporarily, $1 trillion in market value disappeared. While stock markets do crash, immediate rebounds are unprecedented. The stocks of eight major companies in the S&P 500 fell to one cent per share for a short time, including Accenture, CenterPoint Energy and Exelon; while other stocks, including Sotheby's, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard, increased in value to over $100,000 in price. Procter & Gamble in particular dropped nearly 37% before rebounding, within minutes, back to near its original levels.

As we get closer to May 6, the fourth anniversary of this singular episode, high-frequency traders will reassess their strategies at The Speed Traders Workshop, "How Banks, Hedge and Mutual Funds and Brokers Battle Markets 'RIGGED' by Wall Street's 'Flash Boys', High-frequency Trading, Exchanges and Dark Pools" (http://www.thespeedtradersworkshop.com), led by expert Edgar Perez, author of Knightmare on Wall Street (http://www.knightmareonwallstreet.com). This seminar will open the door to the secretive world of computerized low-latency trading, the most controversial form of investing today; in the name of protecting the algorithms they have spent so much time perfecting, speed traders almost never talk to the press and try to disclose as little as possible about how they operate.

The Speed Traders Workshop, to be held in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Munich, London, Dubai, Brussels, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai, covers the latest research currently available and reveals how high-frequency trading players are operating in global markets and driving the development of electronic trading at breakneck speeds from the U.S. and Europe to Japan, India, and Brazil. The "flash crash", the suspended BATS IPO, the botched Facebook IPO, Knight Capital's trading malfunction and NASDAQ's Flash Freeze are just a few of the milestones in the history of high-frequency trading that will be dissected with participants.

Global scrutiny of high-frequency trading and whether it gives some investors unfair advantage has intensified amid government probes and the March 31, 2014 publication of "Flash Boys" by Michael Lewis. While those examinations have focused mostly on U.S. equity markets, such as dark pools run by banks and broker-dealers and exchanges owned by companies including Nasdaq OMX, IntercontinentalExchange Group's NYSE Euronext and Bats Global Markets, high-frequency traders are active internationally in futures, FX and fixed income markets, as they also run multi-asset strategies.

High-frequency traders have been called many things, from emerging masters of the universe and market pioneers to exploiters, computer geeks, and even predators and thieves. Everyone in the business of investing has an opinion of speed traders, but how many really understand how they operate? The shadow people of the investing world, today's high-frequency traders have decidedly kept a low profile, until now.

Edgar Perez is widely regarded as the preeminent global expert and speaker in the specialized areas of algorithmic and high-frequency trading. He is author of Knightmare on Wall Street, The Rise and Fall of Knight Capital and the Biggest Risk for Financial Markets (2013), a minute-by-minute account of the terrifying hours following Knight Capital's August 1, 2012 trading debacle, The Speed Traders, An Insider's Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon That is Transforming the Investing World, published in English by McGraw-Hill Inc. (2011), Published in Mandarin by China Financial Publishing House (2012), and Investasi Super Kilat, Pandangan Orang dalam tentang Fenomena Baru Frekuensi Tinggi yang Mentransformasi Dunia Investasi, published in Bahasa Indonesia by Kompas Gramedia (2012). He contributes to The New York Times, UltraHighFrequencyTrading.com and China's International Finance News and Sina Finance.

Mr. Perez has been interviewed on CNN's Quest Means Business, CNBC's Squawk on the Street, Worldwide Exchange, Cash Flow and Squawk Box, FOX BUSINESS's Countdown to the Closing Bell and After the Bell, Bloomberg TV's Market Makers, CNN en Español's Dinero, Sina Finance, BNN's Business Day, CCTV China, Bankier.pl, TheStreet.com, Leaderonomics, GPW Media, Channel NewsAsia's Business Tonight and Cents & Sensibilities. In addition, Mr. Perez has been globally featured on WILS 1320's Capital City Recap, FXFactor, Columbia Business, OpenMarkets, Sohu, News.Sina.com, Yicai, eastmoney, Caijing, ETF88.com, 360doc, AH Radio, CNFOL.com, CITICS Futures, Tongxin Securities, ZhiCheng.com, CBNweek.com, Caixin, Futures Daily, Xinhua, CBN Newswire, Chinese Financial News, ifeng.com, International Finance News, hexun.com, Finance.QQ.com, Finance.Sina.com, The Korea Times, The Korea Herald, The Star, The Malaysian Insider, BMF 89.9, iMoney Hong Kong, CNBC, Bloomberg Hedge Fund Brief, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Valor Econômico, FIXGlobal Trading, TODAY Online, Oriental Daily News and Business Times.

Mr. Perez has been engaged to present at the Council on Foreign Relations, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University (Kiev), Quant Investment & HFT Summit APAC 2012 (Shanghai), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Washington DC), CFA Singapore, Hong Kong Securities Institute, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, University of International Business and Economics (Beijing), Hult International Business School (London and Shanghai) and Pace University (New York), among other public and private institutions. In addition, Mr. Perez has spoken at a number of global conferences, including Inside Market Data 2013 (Chicago), Emerging Markets Investments Summit 2013 (Warsaw), CME Group's Global Financial Leadership Conference 2012 (Naples Beach), Harvard Business School's Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference (Boston), High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum (New York, Chicago, London), MIT Sloan Investment Management Conference (Cambridge), Institutional Investor's Global Growth Markets Forum (London), Technical Analysis Society (Singapore), TradeTech Asia (Singapore), FIXGlobal Face2Face (Seoul) and Private Equity Convention Russia, CIS & Eurasia (London).

Mr. Perez was a vice president at Citigroup, a senior consultant at IBM, and a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. in New York City. Mr. Perez has an undergraduate degree from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Peru (1994), a Master of Administration from Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru (1997) and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School, New York, with a dual major in Finance and Management (2002). He belongs to the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.

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4th Annual Figurative Online Art Exhibition Results Announced

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that it's May 2014 online art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to be viewed online.

Jupiter, FL, USA (May 1, 2014) -- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that it's May 2014 online art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to be viewed online. The theme for this art exhibition is "Figurative". The gallery received a broad selection of 2D media from artists from around the world for this event.

An international online art competition was held in April 2014 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received and judged 567 entries from -- 27 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 34 different states and the District of Columbia.

Congratulations to all of the artists who have been designated as this month's category winners, along with the winning Special Merit and the Special Recognition artists. The gallery commends all of the winning artists for their artistic skill and their creativity, as this online art exhibition is indicative of their creativity.

To proceed to the gallery's 4th Annual "Figurative" online art exhibition follow this link: http://www.lightspacetime.com/figurative-art-exhibition-may-2014.

Each month Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts themed online art competitions for 2D artists. All participating winners of each competition have their artwork exposed and promoted online through the online gallery to thousands of visitors each month. If you know of a talented 2D artist who may benefit from the exposure and the publicity that the gallery can provide to them, please forward this press release to them.

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery offers monthly art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists. Light Space & Time's intention is to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these artists. Their online gallery website can be viewed here: http://www.lightspacetime.com.

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NanoMarkets Announces New Upcoming Report on Building Integrated Photovoltaics Markets

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has added a new report to its publishing schedule that is due for 2nd quarter 2014 release titled, "BIPV Markets Analysis and Forecasts 2014-2021."

Glen Allen, Virginia (May 1, 2014) -- Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has added a new report to its publishing schedule that is due for 2nd quarter 2014 release titled, "BIPV Markets Analysis and Forecasts 2014-2021." Additional details about the report are available on the firm's website at: http://www.nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/bipv-markets-analysis-and-forecasts-2014-2021. The report is available at pre-publication pricing until June 3rd.

The report follows a recently released NanoMarkets report that covered the BIPV glass market (see here http://www.nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/bipv-glass-markets-2014-beyond for details) that the firm projected would reach $2.7 billion by 2019 and a recently released paper from the firm that addresses the role that PV materials choices will have on the growth prospects for BIPV. (See http://www.nanomarkets.net/articles/article/materials-trends-for-bipv-glass)

About the Report:

In this latest report on the BIPV markets NanoMarkets is updating is quantitative and qualitative assessments and outlooks for the building integrated photovoltaic market. We have been covering the BIPV market since 2007. In this latest report we examine the latest important technological and market developments as well as the various region specific factors shaping the market. While the last few years have been far from robust for the solar market there are reasons for companies and investors to view BIPV with some optimism.

The report addresses BIPV glass, roofing and siding and assesses the prospects for the competing underlying technologies including thin-film, OPV, DSC and c-Si. We include forecasts broken out by product, application, technology and region expressed in MW and units. The report also provides commentaries of the various leading key suppliers and industry influencers.

Report Outline:

Executive Summary
Changes in Market Conditions for BIPV since Our Previous Report
Changing PV Material Mix
Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap by Type of BIPV Product
Opportunities for BIPV in End user Markets
Companies to watch in the BIPV Market
Opportunity Analysis by Country/Region

Chapter Two: Product segments and emerging trends
Emerging Trends in Non-Glass BIPV products
Roofing Overlay
Flexible Roofing
Monolithically integrated Roofing
Wall attached PV
BIPV Sliding
Curtain Walls
Emerging Technology Trends and its Impact on BIPV glass
Roadmap for the evolution of BIPV glass
Limitations of crystalline silicon for use in BIPV glass and its future
Current and future use of CIGS in BIPV glass
Current and future use of CdTe in BIPV glass
Future of OPV and DSC in BIPV glass
Encapsulation issues for BIPV glass
The aesthetics and architectural merits and de-merits of BIPV glass

Chapter Three: Key Market Segments and Regional Markets
End-user Market Segments
Zero-Energy Buildings
Prestige Commercial, Government and Multi-tenant Residential Buildings
Other Commercial and Government Buildings
Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Markets by Region and Country: A Discussion of Market Developments and Subsidies
United States

Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of BIPV Market
Forecast of Non-Glass BIPV Roofing Markets (Shipment Volumes, Market Value and Materials Used)
Forecast of Non Glass BIPV Wall Markets (Shipment Volumes, Market Value and Materials Used)
BIPV Glass (Forecast by Type of PV Technology Used, Area , Revenues, Type of Product)
Forecast of BIPV Revenues by Type of Building and Type of BIPV Products Used
Forecast of BIPV by Retrofit versus New Construction: By Type of BIPV Product
Forecasts by Region: By Type of BIPV Product
Forecast of Materials/technology
Crystalline Silicon BIPV: By Type of BIPV Product
Thin-Film Silicon BIPV: By Type of BIPV Product
CdTe BIPV: By Type of BIPV Product
CIGS BIPV: By Type of BIPV Product
OPV BIPV: By Type of BIPV Product
Encapsulation Materials for BIPV Panels

About NanoMarkets:
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging markets in energy, electronics and other area created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of the BIPV sector and the PV sector more generally.

Visit http://www.nanomarkets.net for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.

Media Contact:
Robert Nolan
NanoMarkets, LC
PO BOX 3840
Glen Allen, VA 23058
(804) 938-0030