PB Millionaire's Baby Seal Rescue Makes A Big Splash

Video Goes Viral On YouTube.

San Diego, CA, USA (July 28, 2013) -- A baby seal was rescued at Windansea Beach in La Jolla and the video is all the talk on YouTube and Facebook. The pup seal waddled its way onto the beach right in the middle of a video/photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar. "It appeared to be wounded" said Jim Lawlor, executive producer of the PB Reality Show, whose camera team was there filming a bikini shoot for an episode of the show and happened to capture it all on camera.

Lawlor, who is nicknamed the "PB Millionaire," called Sea World who sent a rescue team that netted the seal and brought it back to their location for medical treatment.

"Great show, Jim is really cool and does a lot of good for SD and injured seals!" - one Youtube viewer wrote.

Others wrote:

"The Humanitarian 'stuff you do is amazing! That was my favorite part with the seal and the Homeless"

"Oh I loved the part where they saved the seal.. so touching.. but the whole episode was amazing, i am going to watch all of the episodes"

The rescue can be seen in the later part of the Episode 2 video here: http://youtu.be/AT_GYV3yfCM

When Lawlor first arrived here to San Diego 22 years ago, he had to sleep in his car as he couldn't afford his rent. He painted houses as a means to get by and, ironically, invented a pair of goggles for spray painting that made him a millionaire. (See Lawlor's Bio: http://www.pbmillionairebio.com)

From living in his car to living in a castle here in Pacific Beach, Lawlor calls it "Living the California Dream" - which is the theme of the show. The show has a huge following on Facebook with 85,000 fans and counting (Facebook: "The PB Reality Show"). Lawlor and his entourage are constantly recognized wherever they go around San Diego sometimes making it difficult to film. In the past two years various fan sites have popped up touting loyalty to the PB Reality Show: http://pbreality.wordpress.com.

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