Ambro Louwe Named Gallery's Featured Artist

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Ambro Louwe is the gallery's featured artist and he will now be featured in the Artist Showcase Section of the gallery.

Jupiter, FL, USA (October 19, 2015) -- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Ambro Louwe is the gallery's featured artist and he will now be featured in the Artist Showcase Section of the gallery.

Ambro Louwe was born in the Netherlands. He explains his artistic journey, "Creating was not always enjoyable, as giving shape often leads along uncertainty and deep doubts. Stepping into the unknown is very demanding most of the time. It may also bring joy and happiness, a feeling of gratitude. Moreover, it gives amongst others, an understanding of, and admiration for the expressions by others. By giving shape and getting into a flow one heals and feels part of the world and connected to matter. It makes a person matter in this world."

Recently, the game and action of getting into the flow and searching for harmony in colours and shapes bring objects to life. Concentration and following the process in balancing the different parts. A dialogue with inner words, colour, shape that bring about surprising works. His works are owned by city councils, hospitals, schools, hotels and private persons in Holland, America, Dubai, Switzerland, France, England and Germany.

On his website one can see the diversity of his artwork.

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is Light Space & Time's intention to showcase this incredible international talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these artists. The art gallery website can be viewed here:

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New Book Release - Real Life Walks, by Sonya Elizabeth Black

Real Life Walks, by Sonya Elizabeth Black, is a heartfelt and inspirational look at dealing with trouble, adversity and those subjects too often hushed.

Riverside, CA, USA (October 19, 2015) -- Sonya Elizabeth Black's Real Life Walks speaks on rape, incest, un-forgiveness lying, stealing, hatred, anger, cheating etc. The secrets no one wants to discuss. Real Life Walks is a book based on real stories and people. This book will focus Your Mind into a different way of thinking. And from all the Issues We are faced with. It will inspire You to a new fresh and healthy life in living.

There are often times when We go through trials, tribulations, heartaches, pains and a whole lot of suffering. And with all of this We tend to think We are all alone, or that no one else has ever experienced some of the same horrific things that We had to endure. But I am here to tell You, You are not alone. There are many of Us still suffering through. And I want to assure You, there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how terrible it may be or might have been. There is a way through and out of this pain.

"It's quite uplifting and empowering and you can seek out topics that may be of interest to you like healing or forgiveness. A book that would make a wonderful gift also to someone perhaps needing extra reassurance, comfort or encouragement. Or better yet, make it a gift to yourself." - Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Groves

Sonya Elizabeth Black writes from the heart and will touch your soul. Her poems and short stories will provide food for thought and uplift your spirit.

Author Sonya Elizabeth Black resides in Southern California. Sonya has three beautiful daughters and She is also a foster mother, raising and mentoring wonderful young ladies. In 2008 She created her fashion line Sonya Elizabeth Collection. Pouring Her heart and soul into making clothing. As a young girl Sonya would sit in Her room writing poetry to pass time away never thinking it would one day become a reality. In 2013 She was purposed to start writing again and that was when She encountered a spiritual awakening from GOD to write this book for all of HIS people. All races, creeds, colors and religions. For all who are hurting and suffering. So Sonya pushed back on Her clothing and began a new journey as an Author. Sonya is a strong believer in Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Genre - Spiritual, Healing, Life, Real, Wisdom, Leadership, Love, Incest, Child Support, Loss of a Child, Foster, Anger, War, Rape, Drugs, Gangs

The ebook version of Real Life Walks ISBN 9781622878857, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 108 page print book version, ISBN 9781622878840 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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Sonya Elizabeth Black