The High-Frequency Trading Conference Every Trader and Quant in London is Talking About, December 5

Golden Networking hosts the World's Most Influential High-Frequency Trading Conference Series, High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 London "Strategic and Tactical Insights for Investors, Speed Traders, Brokers and Exchanges", December 5 (www.HFTLeadersForum).

New York City, NY, USA (November 7, 2013) -- Which is the high-frequency trading conference every trader and quant in London is talking about? High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013,"Strategic and Tactical Insights for Investors, Speed Traders, Brokers and Exchanges" (, organized by Golden Networking, will bring the latest on speed trading to one of the world's financial capitals, London, on December 5.

High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 ( "Strategic and Tactical Insights for Investors, Speed Traders, Brokers and Exchanges" will bring insights for investors and speed traders, who need to protect and refine their competitive advantage in a world dominated by algorithmic and high-frequency trading. Recognized practitioners, regulators, experts, and strategists will return to High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 London to provide hundreds of attendees with the information they are looking for in an open and unbiased environment, highly conducive to the most efficient and effective networking.

Advanced computerized trading platforms and market gateways are becoming standard tools of most types of traders, including high-frequency traders. Broker-dealers now compete on routing order flow directly, in the fastest and most efficient manner, to the line handler where it undergoes a strict set of Risk Filters before hitting the execution venue(s). Ultra Low Latency Direct Market Access (ULLDMA) is a hot topic amongst Brokers and Technology vendors such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and UBS. Typically, ULLDMA systems can currently handle high amounts of volume and boast round-trip order execution speeds (from hitting "transmit order" to receiving an acknowledgment) of 10 milliseconds or less.

Such performance is achieved with the use of hardware acceleration or even full-hardware processing of incoming market data, in association with high-speed communication protocols, such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet or PCI Express. More specifically, some companies provide full-hardware appliances based on FPGA technology to obtain sub-microsecond end-to-end market data processing. High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 will provide traders, quants and technologists with the most up-to-date review of where this ever-changing industry stands and is going through an inspiring keynote speeches and thought-provoking panels with leaders in the field.

With high-frequency trading the subject of great controversy and debate, many regulations will be bound to change. How will regulations impact the way traders are capturing alpha? Would there be restrictions that can possibly harm algorithmic trading? How the economic and political landscape might impact the pace and severity of these changes?

Finally, there has been a dramatic shift in how instruments are traded in the market. With high frequency trading able to detect price discrepancies in microseconds, aided by technology, regulators have grown increasingly concerned about its impact in market structure and fairness. What is the outlook for the markets when all participants engage in the arms race of super smart algorithms? Where will institutional and retail investors find opportunities? Conversely, could we imagine a world without high-frequency trading?

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