First Edition Design Publishing Releases Award Winner's eBook

Knots by Robert Banfelder goes worldwide in eBook format.

Sarasota, FL - October 12, 2011 -- Award-winning author Robert Banfelder’s newest thriller, KNOTS, has entered global distribution in eBook form through First Edition Design eBook Publishing.

Down-and-out insurance salesman, Kalvin Matheson, enamored with two notorious serial killers, strives to surpass their deeds in the thriller, KNOTS by Robert Banfelder. Justin Barnes, a Long Island, New York Homicide covert operative, is called upon to untangle an expanding web of clues. In Kalvin's quest for everlasting life via human cloning, bodies begin to surface most bizarrely. KNOTS is Banfelder’s third release in the Justin Barnes series.

First Edition Design Publishing’s CEO, Deborah E. Gordon said, “We welcome Mr. Banfelder to our list of fine authors. We are delighted that Bob Banfelder, an award-winning, Long Island, New York author came to us. We are certain that Knots is destined to achieve awards and great reviews just as his other acclaimed novels have.”

KNOTS in eBook format, ISBN 97819375267, was published by First Edition Design eBook Publishing (, based in Sarasota, Florida USA. It was submitted to Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Book Nook, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Google’s eBookstore, which supports numerous eReader devices. In addition to those outlets, KNOTS was subsequently submitted in eBook format nationally and internationally to over 100,000 other sources including numerous other on-line retailers, libraries, schools, colleges, universities and online booksellers.

Robert Banfelder is the author of No Stranger Than I, reviewed as a “brilliant psychological thriller.” His Justin Barnes novels, The Author and The Teacher, received Best Suspense Novel awards in 2006 and 2007. Robert taught college English for over a decade and was an investigative reporter for Towers News on Long Island, writing articles and editorials concerning our criminal justice system. Robert worked tirelessly-along with journalist Mike Taibbi of CBS News and attorney Mark Baker of Barry Slotnick’s office-in the successful release of an innocent young man from prison. As part of his extensive research, Robert attended the fifteen-month trial of serial killer Robert Shulman, Riverhead, Long Island-the first death penalty case on Long Island (1999), in almost a quarter of a century. After that trail, Robert was invited to lecture before psychiatrists and students at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center on Ward’s Island in Manhattan, NY, with regard to his courtroom observations. He presently gives extensive talks on the phenomenon of multiple murderers, addresses the writing process, imparts anecdotal information about his experiences regarding the Robert Shulman serial killer trial, and excerpts from his novels. Robert’s nonfiction writing includes his love of the great outdoors via fishing, hunting, and boating articles. For more information about Robert Banfelder visit

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