Zevrix Releases Deliver Express 2.1.4: Enhances Password Management

Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver Express 2.1.4, an update to its automated solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks. Deliver Express processes files automatically from hot folders and supports FTP, MobileMe and other services. The software can run totally unattended and offers e-mail notifications, multi-destination delivery, file encryption and more. The new version lets users view passwords in clear text and addresses some performance and stability issues.

Toronto (ON), Canada - June 09, 2011 -- Zevrix Solutions today announces Deliver Express 2.1.4, an important update to its automated solution to send and share files easily across the Internet and local networks. Deliver Express processes files automatically from watched hot folders and supports various remote and local services. The software can run absolutely unattended and offers variable e-mail notifications, delivery to multiple destinations, automatic file compression and encryption, and much more.

The new version lets admin users view destination passwords in clear text making it much easier to manage, store and retrieve passwords. In addition, the new update addresses some e-mail related issues and dramatically improves the application memory management. This update is strongly recommended to all Deliver Express users.

"What's great about Deliver Express for organizations is the unattended nature of using a hot folder," writes Jeffrey Mincey on Mac360.com. "It's perfect for all kinds of file delivery. Sensitive documents, encrypted files, financial information, graphic files, photographs, large files and so on."

Deliver Express is an ideal solution for ad agencies, publications, audio and video recording studios, printers and other businesses. It automates both external and internal file delivery tasks and is suitable for server or desktop solution. As a company-wide server solution, Deliver Express can run on a dedicated station processing files from network-based hot folders. Users just copy files to the hot folders, and they will be sent automatically with customizable e-mail confirmations issued upon delivery. The files can be easily retrieved through the link in notification e-mail.

Deliver Express offers the following key features:

-Automate both external and internal delivery tasks with hot folder processing
-Supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, MobileMe, AFP, SMB and local destinations
-Automatic e-mail notifications with link to retrieve the file
-Submit files from both Mac and PC stations
-Automatic file compression
-Create low-res PDF on the fly and attach to e-mail
-Detailed delivery history

Pricing and Availability:
Deliver Express can be purchased from Zevrix website as well as from authorized resellers. The license prices are based on the maximum number of destinations and range from US$29.95 to $299.95. Trial is also available for download. Deliver Express is a Universal Binary and available for Mac OS X 10.5-10.6.

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