First Edition Design Publishing and Sony Ink Aggregator Agreement

US based eBook Master Distributor continues to expand their global reach.

Sarasota, FL - Oct 06, 2011 -- First Edition Design eBook Publishing has entered into an eBook aggregator agreement with Sony. First Edition Design Publishing, based in Sarasota, Florida USA, will amass eBooks and submit them to Sony for distribution to Sony’s end-users. First Edition Design eBook Publishing converts publisher’s and independent author’s files, formats them to the necessary type and size for various e-readers and submits them submits them to their national and international distribution associates.

Partnering with Sony will add yet another dimension to our eBook distribution,” said First Edition Design, Inc.’s CEO Deborah E. Gordon. “Although we have always submitted eBooks to Sony for distribution, we can now speed up the process as a licensed and approved aggregator. Our publisher and author clients benefit by our ability to properly format their files to Sony’s eReader specifications. We are proud and pleased to be associated with Sony. Sony has always stood as a global example of innovation and quality products.”

First Edition Design eBook Publishing ( is also a licensed and approved aggregator for Apple, Amazon, Google and Nielsen, a worldwide supplier of eBooks to libraries, schools, colleges, universities and booksellers.

Additionally, as master distributors, First Edition Design eBook Publishing sends eBooks to Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Diesel and numerous other on-line retailers. The company submits their client’s eBooks to over 100,000 distribution points reaching more than 100 countries, thus making them available to in excess of 1 billion potential readers.


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Super-Rich Being Taught To Invest in Alternatives, Claims AAA

Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) has backed reports that suggest that the young super-rich are being ‘trained’ to invest in alternatives, such as art and real estate.

Boston, MA, USA, October 06, 2011 -- Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) has backed reports that suggest that the young super-rich are being ‘trained’ to invest in alternatives, such as art and real estate.

The research firm has identified a new trend for young Russian, Arab, Chinese and South Asian heirs to undergo tutoring on how to handle the fortunes they are in line to inherit. One such event took place at Christie’s auction house in London recently, where the young heirs were put through their paces at a simulated auction, while a genuine auction of a valuable painting was taking place in the auction room below.

These skill are thought to be increasingly important among the super-rich, according to AAA, which advocates investing in alternative asset classes. The group's analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, said, “Being able to spot and bid for a valuable piece of art, which could prove to be a wise investment in years to come, could be a great skill to learn for these young people. One day they will be responsible to protecting their family fortunes from the risks involved in the current traditional investment markets.”

The auction event was organized by Citi’s private banking arm. Citi art finance manager, Suzanne Gyorgy, explained, "[Trading art is] a way for them to get liquidity out of the art collection to invest back into their business or buy other new business.”

A report from Merrill Lynch and Capgemini issued in June claimed that the super-rich were now increasingly interested in buying art, rare watches, champagne and vintage cars – not for fun or prestige, but simply for their potential as assets and investments. Mr Johnson added, “These assets are seen as a safe haven for money and are selling for higher and higher prices, while stocks and shares are proving exceptionally unstable as an asset class.”

AAA gives the example of forestry investment, through firms like Greenwood Management, as a safer alternative investment that regularly produces returns that exceed those from traditional investments.

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

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BusinessVibes members represent 112 different countries and 67 industries

BusinessVibes, the global B2B networking site has more and more members every day.

London, UK, October 06, 2011 -- BusinessVibes (, the global B2B networking site has more and more members every day. Not only they created immense database of more than 140 000 associations, but also they increase number of industries’ portals for associations and companies, which attract increasing number of new users. So far BusinessVibes gathers companies from 112 different countries, representing 67 industries, from beauty and healthcare, through automotive industry to agricultural one.

The most active country on BusinessVibes is definitely China. 238 associations being a member of global B2B directory is from there. Second largest market is India with the total number of 175 associations that joined the website. Third place belongs to United States - BusinessVibes gathers so far 101 international organizations from this country.

BusinessVibes doesn't only consist of database of associations, but also small and big companies being either a member of mentioned organizations or entities completely unrelated to them. This B2B networking platform maintains as well great number of events organised all over the world. Representatives of all 67 industries available on BusinessVibes will find in this directory event relevant to its activity. The biggest number of events is in Water and Waste Management Industry. The second largest subject area when it comes to the events is Water Transport. Further places belong to Internet and Allied Services, Photography and Commercial Design Services and Industrial Services.

The more and more associations appreciate the benefits of being a member of BusinessVibes website. Not only is it a place when new contacts can be established, but also it is a great possibility to promote association itself, promote events, manage its members and collect membership fees. Every company whether it is small or big is invited to join

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