Cross-Post LLC Launches

New website helps job candidates manage their careers, apply for job opportunities, or take a college course using any mobile device.

Petaluma, CA, USA (March 23, 2014) -- Cross-Post LLC, owner of Cross-Post Digital Recruitment Networks and co-owner of the CareerPointe Recruitment Classifieds Platform for publishers, announces the launch of its newest career management tool. is a web portal that provides free employment and career search tools, along with free and low-cost online educational opportunities from colleges and universities around the world. It is one of the first products of its kind and utilizes the ONREC 2014 award winning Tracklet? technology from Careerleaf of Canada.

"After considerable research, it was determined that job candidates viewed the job search and hiring process negatively. At the top of the list was having to fill out dozens of applications and then throwing them into a black hole. They would search for jobs in the morning on their mobile devices and have to wait to apply for them that evening on their desktop. We set out to improve the candidate engagement experience and, with our partners, have created a truly unique job search and career enhancement tool that candidates can use for the rest of their lives." Noted John Fujii President of Cross-Post LLC. allows candidates to create their own personal job search portal quickly, using their LinkedIn account or resume to fill out their profile. They can upload multiple resumes and cover letters and keep track of every job lead and application for the rest of their careers. Though not a job board, gives them access to every job board on earth through the website. To apply for a job online, they simply have to drag their Tracklet? to their browser toolbar to the apply button, fill in the application with one click, retrieve their resume and cover letter, and hit apply. That job then appears in their Job Manager where they can track the progress of the application, and get tips and reminders to research and follow up with employers.

Everyone is a job candidate at one time or another, and passive and active candidates can use to improve their skills by taking free and low cost courses from some of the top educational institutions in the world. Through a partnership with the folks over at MoocTracks, candidates can search a global database of more than 14,000 Mooc's or massively open online courses.

"This is such an awesome resource for early career and college students as well as the more seasoned professional who may be looking for a career change or finds themselves in outplacement. My son signed up for a free course in Business Theory at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in about five minutes and it is being taught by some of the top business minds in the country today. What a great resume builder. " Said Carl Braun CEO of Cross-Post LLC.

"Mobilizing your job search is particularly appealing to candidates that are on the road often. From truckers to road warriors, everything available on can be done on a smartphone or tablet. The website is responsively designed, so it work on any size screen or mobile device. Applying for a job on your smartphone with a few clicks is a huge advancement in the marketplace.

Cross-Post plans to work with outplacement firms, college sites, veterans groups and others to extend this free tool to any and all candidates interested in finding a new job or building their knowledge base. The tools found on Career-Wallet are built into all CareerPointe job boards.

George M. Dratelis
Director of Business Development
Cross-Post Classified Networks /
Office: 508-413-2630

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