Telemarketing: What You Need to Consider

Telemarketing: What You Need to Consider An Executive Overview.

Bend, Oregon, January 30, 2011 -- If you are considering any business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing project, whether in-house or outsourced, this executive overview is a must read. It is based upon the results of over a million telemarketing calls and will tell you what works and what doesn't when implementing a call campaign.

The reality is that less than twenty percent of all telemarketing projects are long-term. This is due to the lack of planning, hurried or poor training, inadequate testing and improper measurement of results. On the other hand, a properly planned and executed telemarketing program will yield a great return on your investment.

In-House or Outsourced: The Risks and Rewards

Some companies think that they can execute an inexpensive, yet successful B2B call campaign by hiring people at a minimal or entry level wage, quickly train the caller(s) how to properly conduct calls, provide little supervision and then watch the appointments or leads come in. This is in almost all cases false.

There are two reasons for this negative outcome. First, the actual cost is much more than just the hourly rate.  Other indirect costs, such as the time and resources to interview, hire and train (initial and ongoing) need to be considered. The expense of taxes, office space, management and equipment also need to be calculated. Some studies show these factors can raise the total wage to almost three times the hourly rate.

Second, unless you have substantial telemarketing experience in areas such as training, list generation, script development, caller management, reporting and quality assurance, your in-house telemarketing venture may not be very productive.

An outsourced telemarketing project, when properly implemented, will almost always yield better results than an internal effort and the company’s involvement of time should be less than an in-house project. In regards to cost, what may seem expensive (typical rates for U.S. based firms range from $25 to $40 per hour) is actually competitive with the total in-house investment.

It is also important to note that in-house telemarketing efforts usually take more time to implement and cannot ramp up as quickly as an outsourced solution.  Now that we have compared in-house versus outsourced call campaigns, the remainder of this paper will discuss the best practices of outsourced telemarketing projects.

Off Shore or U.S. Based Call Centers

The primary reason why companies select off shore call centers is to save money. And in telemarketing, the old adage is very true – you get what you pay for. This is especially relevant if your company offers a product or service that is technical or not very simple to articulate. Think about where your business is located. If it is in the United States, then your call center representatives should be there as well.

Please be aware (and stay away from) telemarketing firms that seem to offer pricing that is too good to be true. No experienced company can charge less that $25 per hour and still pay for productive callers and other expenses over the long-term.

Virtual or Corporate Call Centers

A virtual or remote call center is one that uses callers that are not on-site at a physical location. They are very likely working from a home office. While this might reduce a client’s hourly investment and make it more convenient for the caller, it does not overcome the pitfalls associated with this business model.

A telemarketing vendor might tell you that it monitors remote callers, but there is really no way to tell what those people are doing and what distractions they may have in a home-based environment. The management, if any, is unable to work closely with the callers on a daily basis to deliver the best telemarketing solutions for its clients.

A corporate (or physical location) call center has a central location and all callers report to work, interact with each other and work closely with management.  The callers are more productive in this environment and there is no question of how they might be spending their time. The initial and ongoing training is usually much greater (and more hands on) at a physical location than with a remote call center. Most remote call centers do not even have the ability to meet callers in person before they are hired or properly evaluate their work environment. This is not the solution for companies seeking a successful B2B telemarketing firm.

One Stop Shop or B2B Specialist

Most telemarketing companies claim to provide multiple services, such as outbound business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing, outbound business-to-consumer (B2C) telemarketing, inbound telemarketing, email campaigns, direct mail programs and so on. Although some of these services require similar skill sets such as communicating well over the phone, it is very difficult to be the best in the telemarketing field acting as a one stop shop.

The way a B2B call is conducted differs greatly from a B2C call.  Most B2B calls are conversation-based, aiming to qualify a business prospect and generate an appointment or lead. These calls typically require a more knowledgeable caller and are best dialed one at a time during business hours, whereas B2C calls usually involve an auto dialer system and try to contact people at home during evening or weekend hours. The goal of a B2C telemarketing project is a higher volume of calls and a one-time sale or lead versus the more professional approach used in B2B call campaigns.

Simply put, if you are going to execute a B2B telemarketing project, it is always best to choose a company that primarily focuses on that task.

Independent Contractors or Employees

Independent contractors are most often associated with remote call centers and the employer does not pay taxes on their earnings. This is a common model with call centers looking to save money, but the downside is that independent contractors cannot be managed like employees.

Studies in the telemarketing industry have shown that independent contractors are more transient than employees. This leads to high caller turnover and poor results for client projects. There is really no benefit (other than cost savings to the telemarketing company) to a business using a call center with independent contractors. So be sure to ask the telemarketing firms that you are considering if they hire independent contractors or employees. You will also want a telemarketing company that pays its employees (especially the callers) a very competitive wage so that turnover is minimal and the vendor is able to attract the most qualified talent.

Level of Preparation and Training

You should not expect a call center to yield positive results with minimal preparation and training. In order to lay the foundation for a long-term and mutually beneficial telemarketing program, the call center should work closely with you on tasks such as developing a targeted list, creating a value-added and action based call script, setting up reports and implementing an initial and ongoing training schedule (that you have the option of participating in).

This level or preparation takes approximately two weeks to accomplish, so be aware of any telemarketing vendor that will start your project right away or does not want you to be involved in any part of the process.

Telemarketing Metrics

Client communication is a critical part of any project and you should receive daily reports of all calls made and the outcome. Call centers that use superior technology will be able to provide you with metrics such as number of dials to contacts to leads. Information should also be available regarding variables such as outcome by geography or industry.

You will want to confirm the method of report delivery as well, particularly if you plan on importing the data into customer relationship management (CRM) software or other program. One outcome that is just as important as leads is the not interested category. It is important to review these records with the telemarketing company to better understand the reason for the response and to learn from it, making the call campaign more effective over time.

One last item to consider is a refund policy. Most reputable telemarketing companies will have some type of established process in case you want to stop the call campaign prior to its completion and get a partial return of your investment.

The Ideal Telemarketing Pilot Project

The ideal telemarketing pilot project is one that will provide the results that you need to determine if a long-term relationship with the telemarketing company is financially beneficial to your organization. In order to increase your chances at success, you should create a checklist like the one found at when interviewing prospective telemarketing partners.  Subtract point for each check in the left column and add one point for each check in the right column. The company with the most points would be the logical decision for an ideal telemarketing pilot project.

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Companies that want to increase their sales utilize TeleSource Center for appointment setting, lead generation, event registration, surveys, sales lead follow up, data cleansing, email acquisition and brand awareness.

The boutique firm hires only the best professionals in the industry and works very closely with clients to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial long-term business relationship. Call 800.770.4350 or visit for more information.

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New HawksHead RV TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It is well known that tires on any vehicle with correct tire pressures last longer and use less gas than incorrectly inflated tires.

Vancouver, Canada, January 30, 2011
-- Now HawksHead TPMS systems launches its latest product the TALON, RV.

This Tire Pressure Monitoring system is designed for the serious RVer  the system can monitor tire pressures and temperatures for motorhomes and trucks along with their towed vehicle if needed, the system is also ideal for travel trailers, fifth wheels, enclosed and flatbed trailers.

The system comes with a monitor that can handle up to 22 wheels up to 180 psi if needed and the sensors have replaceable batteries meaning the system will never become obsolete so long as the common generic CR1632 cell battery is available. The TALON RV offers a method of also dropping the towed vehicle and then picking it back up again when connected. The monitor scrolls automatically through each wheel measuring tire pressure and temperature whilst displaying it on the monitor. Alarms can be preset by the operator so visible and audible alarms can warn the driver of  pending deflations, over pressures and high temperatures etc. The alarms and monitoring are sent wirelessly real time to the cab allowing the operator to monitor tires that are out of their vision. This new system has wheel sensors with extra power to reach monitor to sensor distances of up to 45 feet.

Because the TALON RV system monitor has its own rechargeable battery pack the monitor can be used as a handheld wireless tire pressure gauge when the operator walks around their vehicle and trailer and adjusts the tire pressures. This new system comes with the HawksHead  Stubby metal tire valves along with the new HawksHead patent  T-VALVES as an option. Sensor locks and a hard wire cable are als0 included in the base system at no extra cost.

HawksHead Systems are recognized as one of the North American leaders in tire pressure monitoring systems and offers systems to suit vehicles ranging  from RVs to snow ploughs, semi trucks and race cars. For more information see their website at http://www.TPMS.CA

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Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals, Politics, Soldiers, Faith, Love, Addiction, And Insanity

Written by Perry Ritthaler. Published by

CRESTON, BC (January 30, 2011)
-- Poetry and Rhymes - Over 50 Beautiful Full Color Illustrations That Will Serenade the Sole of the Caring-Valiant and selfless men and women have fought and died for our country for centuries – and they continue to fight for us today.

This book of poetry and rhymes exemplifies Perry Ritthaler thoughts of insanity, addiction and politics connected to life overseas, but it also gives a voice to soldiers who cannot air their views on the military situation in Iraq for fear of retribution. Perry Ritthaler shows us with his gentle, kind, loving words the courage, patriotism, and the painful challenges to overcome for these men and women who have defended our country.

With his evocative words and smooth pentameter, Ritthaler's Poetry to Caress the Soul does just that, as well as warming the heart, pleasing the eyes, and soothing the mind. The language of poetry, the sensitivity, the evocative imagery, the tender and descriptive phrases and words about faith, love and animals, translates easily from any language the world over, and nowhere is this more evident than in, “Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals, Politics, Soldiers, Faith, Love, Addiction, And Insanity.”

From the heights of love to the depths of loss, Ritthaler's well-crafted verse addresses the range of human experience.

To view, E-book Sample Poems and Rhymes:

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Hi-Freq Now 77% Trading in Europe at High-Frequency Trading Experts Workshop 2011

Attendees to Golden Networking's High-Frequency Trading Experts Workshop 2011, New York, March 3 & 4, Sydney, March 14 & 15, Singapore, March 16 & 17 and Mumbai, April 7 & 8, Who Register by February 7 to Receive an Apple iPad®.

(January 30, 2011, New York)
-- High-frequency trading is catching on world-wide; according to Tabb Group LLC high-frequency trading now accounts for 77 percent of transactions in U.K. markets. Golden Networking’s High-Frequency Trading Experts Workshop 2011 New York, March 3 & 4, Sydney, March 14 & 15, Singapore, March 16 & 17 and Mumbai, April 7 & 8, will provide a thorough understanding and practical knowledge of high-frequency trading for executives and professionals working in finance and investments, from Financial Institutions, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Broker Dealers, Consultancy Groups, Prime Brokers, Solution Providers, Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs and MTFs.

Orders from long-only funds that bet stocks will rise, hedge funds and retail investors account for 23 percent of activity in continuous markets, the group said in a report today. High-frequency trading, in which firms may transact thousands of times a second, accounts for the rest. The practice makes up 35 percent of the 3.9 trillion-euro ($5.3 trillion) U.K. turnover when over-the-counter transactions and other non- continuous trading is included, Tabb said.

Tabby’s data covers what it calls continuous markets where trades occur electronically, including venues where prices are publicly displayed and dark pools, where they aren't. Over-the- counter trading, conducted away from exchanges and alternative systems, isn't included, Tabb said. The U.K. makes up about 21 percent of all European trading, Tabb said.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is examining potential new restrictions on high-frequency computerized trading after the May 6 crash that temporarily wiped out $862 billion of stock-market value in less than 20 minutes. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees brokers and their firms, is investigating manipulative activity that may rely on automated trading strategies. In Europe, which hasn't had a similar crash, the European Commission is seeking comment on whether it should set limits on the number of orders that high-frequency traders can place, and whether to require such traders to tell regulators how their computer algorithms work.

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