Turnkey Press & Media Genius Creates a Brilliant Solution

Press & Media Genius is the 1st of its kind, "brilliant solution for media and press coverage." Cutting PR cost by 74% for events, government officials, corporations, charities, and etc..

Chicago, IL, July 3, 2013 -- Press & Media Genius is a prototypical body of work created by what we call a, "Turn-Key Solution for Media Coverage." PMG's Founder has literally built her entire executive career on that definition-even before the term "TurnKey Solution(s)," came into common use.

A high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal-driven mass media mogul, PMG's founder approaches each new business challenge with her intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements and shareholder returns.

The Press & Media Genius's team began in 2013 on a path that is rare among other Public Relations firms or groups.

Cutting the Cost for Public & Media Relations by 73%

Having earned the interest of over 300,000 professionals in mass media, the team's newest platform will build strong media coverage for brands worldwide, while lowering the cost for public and media relation's service(s) by 73%.

PMG does not lock our clients into monthly retainers and obligations!

PMG Corporate Officers realized the best way to complement their clients' PR needs was to design a turnkey solution eliminating month-to-month retainers (extra overhead expense).

How can you define PMG? Creative and Innovative Press & Media Coverage

Mission Statement

The best way to create a solution is to find a simplistic 1-2-3 logical plan of action that will allow the client to embrace its value. Therefore, it is important we have an open mind, considering how PMG's business model will impact the client's bottom-line and growth.

Media Contact:
Kathy Baron
Press & Media Genius