SyndicIT Services Introduces HP Slate Tablet ‘Drag and Drop’ Document Management Solution for Paperless Operations in the Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate Industries

Austin, TX - March 21, 2011 – SyndicIT Services Corporation (SyndicIT) today announced that ‘Syndi’, the ‘virtual property assistant’ that operates as a desktop electronic avatar to capture, manage, store and retrieve both scanned paper documents such as leases, and electronic documents such as PDF’s and spreadsheets in a SaaS, cloud-based environment, is now operational on the HP Slate tablet computer. Syndi, appears as an icon on the user’s computer desktop making electronic file and scanned paper document capture and storage ‘drag and drop’ simple. Simply ‘drag’ the file or document with your finger to Syndi and Syndi automates the indexing and storage. Touch Syndi and she opens your electronic file cabinets for document retrieval. Syndi provides anywhere, anytime, access eliminating the hassles, costs and risks associated with using, storing and managing paper, making paperless property operations ever more mobile whether using a laptop, net book or now the HP Slate tablet.

Syndi is also designed as a context sensitive integrator for ‘line of business’ application integration meaning that users of business applications can now use the auto store, indexing and search functions for storing and finding documents in real time, based on the active screen of the application they are using. ‘Syndi’ is an intelligent desktop applet who always knows by application what you are doing, and thus can provide real-time automated document storage, indexing, linking or retrieval of documents driven by the key index fields of active applications or general ledger account entries.

This capability is a significant enhancement to the anytime, anywhere use of cloud based document storage and management. And, when used with other business applications such as property management software, it creates an environment for true real-time use of key document index values eliminating the need for users to spend time and keystrokes to accurately store or search for digital documents they use in property management such as resident and property leases. Syndi is now smart enough to know ‘where you are and what you are doing’ in your applications and then drive the capture, storage and management of digital documents accordingly. This technology is called context sensitive integration,” said Debra Radice, Managing Director of SyndicIT Services Corporation. “We fully understand that a document management system without full integration to active ‘line of business’ applications is not a true solution” she added.

The Company also stated that SyndicIT’s document management solution is already being used to process over 250,000 documents a day in paperless business operations.


Syndi is a new age, desk top ‘drag and drop’ electronic avatar. Syndi ensures that all documents are captured, monitored, properly handled and filed. Syndi performs as an intelligent integrator, a scanner applet, present on the user’s computer desktop enabling simple, fast and easy ‘drag and drop’ auto indexing and capture of scanned or electronic documents whether they be Outlook messages, Excel, Word, PDF files, .TIF images, photos or even voice files to be digitally captured and shared. Syndi’s unique ‘print to Syndi’ function enables users to ‘print documents’ directly to the correct electronic file cabinet. Syndi also constantly monitors scanning devices moving scanned paper documents automatically into workflows, to-do folders, in-boxes or electronic file cabinets. The SyndicIT system also features ready-to-go document workflow processing, integration with Outlook, QuickBooks and to expedite document, message filing and attachment filing from these popular business applications.

About SyndicIT Services Corporation:
SyndicIT Services Corporation is headquartered in Wimberley, Texas, a suburb of Austin, Texas. SyndicIT was founded to provide enhanced technology tools for the multihousing and commercial real estate industries. Our tools for asset performance are the next major step in multihousing and commercial real estate IT enabling true paperless property automation. Visit SyndicIT and “Syndi” at

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