November is National Diabetes Awareness Month - New Lifesaving Book Helping Thousands

New Book Shares Secrets to a Normal Life For Type 2 Diabetics by Following Simple Steps.

Modesto, CA, USA -- Almost everyone with Type 2 Diabetes can live a normal, healthy, functional life if they receive and follow some rather simple advice they will not hear from most doctors.

The common advice given by physicians to Type 2 Diabetic patients is to reduce sugar intake, but little progress will be made until a healthy diet is followed that eliminates most carbohydrates, says Physician Assistant and author Daryl Wein.

Wein said he spends 35 to 45 minutes counseling all of his new Type 2 Diabetes patients about the importance of diet and minimizing carbs as well as sugar, while almost all physicians will only spend about five minutes with a new diabetic patient and simply advise to cut down on sugar.

"Type 2 Diabetes is totally manageable, especially if you can catch it early," stresses Wein. "The single most effective thing the patient needs to do is eliminate or at least minimize their carb intake. I have Type 2 Diabetes myself and went nine years living a very healthy life without medicine because I followed a correct diet which did not allow for sugar or carbs."

A clinical laboratory scientist for more than 20 years and a Physician Assistant for 17 years, Wein started extensive research on Type 2 Diabetes when he himself was diagnosed with the disease.

After directing successful treatment for many hundreds of patients by informing them of the correct diet for them, Wein decided to share those secrets with patients and physicians alike in his new book Type 2 Diabetes: The Owner's Manual (ISBN 978-1522858270, CreateSpace 2016, 159 pages, available on Amazon $11.99 paperback, $6.99 Kindle and Audio Book.

"To my knowledge my book is the only simple owner's manual for Type 2 Diabetes," says Wein. "It teaches readers to utilize first the most effective option available to manage their disease and then to fine-tune sugar control with medication when and if needed. The Owner's Manual is very simple to read and understand."

While working for Central California Bariatric Surgery Daryl Wein made it his objective to help patients reach their needed weight goal via diet instead of surgery and experienced multiple successes including one patient who lost 149 pounds over 22 months simply by avoiding carbohydrates completely.

Wein stresses that if all people with sugar abnormalities (who are not dependent on insulin) followed the simple advice in Type 2 Diabetes: The Owner's Manual the impact on their overall health would be immense and the savings for healthcare in the U.S. alone would be in the many billions of dollars.

James A. Surrell, M.D. and author of SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet, says: "We have an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in the USA today, primarily as a result of our dietary habits. Follow the excellent guidelines contained in Type 2 Diabetes: The Owner's Manual and you will significantly improve your overall health."

A physician in a review on Amazon using the pen name "Schmutz" writes: "The Owner's Manual is well written, easy to understand in laymen's terms and very useful. If diabetics followed Daryl's recommendations, my job would be much easier and their lives healthier and longer."

A few of the eye-opening pieces of advice given by Wein in his highly-respected book include:

There is no need to consume any sugar or starches at all
Natural fruit and fruit juices are not good for diabetics
Avoid all forms of alcohol when trying to lose weight
The only fats known to be harmful are trans-fats which are mainly found in shortening and margarine
Eating fat does not make you fat and eating fat has never been directly associated with heart disease
Brown sugar has never been healthier than white sugar, only less pure
There are almost no carbs in any of the artificial sweeteners so they do not contribute to the elevation of blood sugar.
Monitoring your sugar 2-3 times a day with a finger stick test is costly and a complete waste of time.

A former flight instructor, Wein also enjoys water skiing, swimming, building houseboats, and playing the bass which he did while earning his living as a musician, playing in clubs for three years. He owns a small plane but his latest flight interest is flying industrial drones legally. Daryl and wife Jann have an adult daughter, an adult son, and three grandchildren.

National Diabetes Month is observed every November so individuals, health care professionals, organizations, and communities across the country can bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. Visit:

About Daryl Wein
A native of Niles, Michigan, Wein earned a degree as a Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist from USC Medical Center in 1978 and earned a degree as a Family Practice Physician Assistant from UC Davis School of Medicine in 1999. Since 1999, while working as a PA with Dr. David Olson and Dr. Elaine Madayag in internal medicine, Wein also worked as a PA at Stanislaus County Urgent Care, Oak Valley Hospital ER, Central California Bariatric Surgery, as a contractor for California Correctional Health Care System, and for rural health clinics run by Oak Valley Clinics. He also has done some software development, and is credentialed in California to teach community college classes.

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'TIL THE END a Novel of Murder, Addiction, and Lies Set in Shelby Township, Michigan

New Michigan author Joseph Patrick33 brings a story that, though fictional, offers considered views on what happens to our youth as they experience the choices and decisions facing them in schools and in sports that alter their future behavior.

Shelby Township, MI, USA -- Coming of age and contemporary sports can produce both benefits and conflicts that have lasting consequences in crossing that bridge into adulthood.

New Michigan author Joseph Patrick33 brings a story that, though fictional, offers considered views on what happens to our youth as they experience the choices and decisions facing them in schools and in sports that alter their future behavior. His debut novel is 'TIL THE END: A Novel of Murder, Addiction, and Lies (ISBN 978-0997521603), Lexie Enterprises, 216 pages available on Amazon $13.99 paperback, $21.99 hardcover, $5.99 Kindle or the author's website:

View the trailer here:

Looking at the contemporary increased incidence of violence throughout the country and the globe begs investigation as to etiology or cause of the progression of hate, racism, and senseless deaths. A lesson too often forgotten is to turn to history as recorded by the great minds of the past, but equally significant is to find contemporary literature that opens some much-needed windows of insight.

The close bonding that occurs among team players has very positive aspects of learning self-confidence, healthy goal orientation, polished performance as individuals and with teammates; it also can create rules of conduct that include committed bonding to the point of looking out for each other, even if that means altered behavior off the field. This 'brotherhood' can allow secrecy about events that should be shared with authorities but is withheld because of the bonding agreement.

Joseph Patrick33 has penned a timely and cogent novel that stands on its own as a tense coming of age story of four high school football stars who risk the benefits of their talent - athletic scholarships, state championships, big money, the dreams of playing in the NFL - by keeping a secret about a tragic event that eventually shreds their individual personal lives and invites alcoholism, drug abuse, involvement in drug cartels, the deaths of two and untimely ending of thwarted lives.

'TIL THE END may be Joseph Patrick33's debut novel, but the release of this immensely readable book turns our attention to facts too often neglecting discussion. The author does share that his first novel 'may be fiction, but within that fiction are the keys to facts that every reader will discover and find universals within the events of the story and the characters that ring true to each of our life journeys.' And that is one of the many reasons this new author is important to watch.

The setting is Detroit, Michigan, the timeframe 1988-1993, the stage is the football field, and the players are four fast friends and teammates whose lives are inextricably altered by a major error that is tragic. Joseph Patrick33 invites us into this story by saying, ''Young boys dream and old ones ponder. They think about what could be ahead for them and as they get older, it's not uncommon to wonder about what might have been. That is a constant feeling that all football players have and never entirely shake. They recall the victories and defeats, but mostly they think about those games they should have won. It will always be engrained and the memories will carry over to countless discussions over endless beers 'til the end of their days. In the playing years, in those games, so many great traits are developed: leadership, teamwork, and a razor-sharp competitive edge. However, dark habits can begin to take root. It all shapes young men into the old men they become."

Amazon Top 100 Reviewer Grady Harp states, "The book allows us entry into the interstices of coming of age, promises of glory, the dark finger of fate, and the impact of misjudged bonds of a lie and strange dissolution of dreams as tainted by those factors we all recognize as deterrents to a happy life. This is not only an important debut novel: this is a very finely written important novel about choices."

About Joseph Patrick33
Joseph Patrick33 is a Michigan author who grew up in Shelby Township, a suburb of Detroit. He earned his bachelor degree and master's degree from Wayne State University, and his advanced degree from the University of Detroit. He is concerned about the futures of young people in today's challenging society of addiction and consequences of actions that lead away from a happy successful and rewarding life.

Media Contact: For a review copy of 'TIL THE END: A Novel of Murder, Addiction, and Lies or to arrange an interview with Joseph Patrick33 contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing at or by phone at 734-667-2090.