Actyl Group Unveils New Corporate Visual Identity to Celebrate Five-Year Milestone

Company establishes itself as 'A name that workers can trust and corporations can depend on'.

WINNIPEG, MB (April 12, 2013) -- Actyl Group, Inc., a leader in international recruitment and workforce solutions, has launched its new corporate identity, reflecting the significant transformation the business has taken over the past five years.

The heart of the rebranding is in Actyl Group's new brand mark, which is complemented by a transparent blue line that symbolizes the bridges the company builds so that its clients can acquire a skilled, talented and able workforce. Effective immediately, the new logo and brand will appear on all of Actyl Group's marketing materials, corporate website and social media pages.

"Over the past several years, Actyl Group has experienced a significant evolution in the services and solutions we offer to businesses across Canada," said Adrian Schulz, managing director. "We are now proud to have offices in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg, with recruiting divisions that are active in Ireland, London, the Philippines, Belize, Mexico and Jamaica. As demand keeps increasing for skilled workers throughout the region, we will continue to expand our number of source countries."

Actyl Group, which was recently ranked number 41 on the Profit Magazine 2012 Hot 50 list, actively recruits workers to fill needed jobs in Alberta and Saskatchewan due to the region's rapid economic growth over the past several years. Leveraging the Foreign Worker Program, the company partners with countries across the globe to find and recruit well educated and experienced candidates for a variety of positions. Actyl Group has made a number of recruiting trips over the past several months to keep pace with the expanding economies of western Canada.

In developing its new corporate identity, Actyl Group worked with Vicreatives, a branding and design agency based in Australia. The company has already started rolling out its new identity, which all three offices will implement.

"Our team has worked hard to achieve this level of growth and success, going from a small, local company to one that has multiple offices and 14 staff members," said Schulz. "We don't plan on slowing down anytime soon, and we're ready to set another growth record in 2013."

Actyl Group also recently welcomed two new international recruitment professionals to its team, including Luma Hameed, who previously served as a staff consultant with McDonalds Corp. To learn more about Actyl Group and to check out the company's new logo and visual identity, visit

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