Ten Thousand Waves by Douglas Grummons Released Worldwide In eBook and Print Book Formats

Action sports combines with spiritual adventure in Grummons' nonfiction book.

Pearland, TX, USA (November 30, 2012) -- Douglas Grummons' Ten Thousand Waves takes the reader on a surfer's journey of riding waves and the fruits that come with them. It is an East meets West spiritual adventure.

Ten Thousand Waves is a true-life story of surfer Doug Grummons. The author rewinds his personal story back to the very first wave he ever stood up on. From that very first wave onward his life took a slightly different path. After a spiritual encounter on top of a mountain that left him amazed he found spirituality in many different forms. An extreme sports enthusiast, Doug uses his life stories as a surfer, snowboarder, skydiver, and aikidoist to illustrate his many perceptions. The author gives insights and explains who we are and why we are here living on this beautiful planet. "Life's greatest mysteries come to the surface of consciousness by falling in love with the ocean," he said.

As a surfer who meditates and studies the ways of the East, Doug lays out the basics of Eastern thought in easy to understand explanations. Grummons takes Zen into new territory in what he calls Extreme Zen. Doug coined the term one day while skydiving to describe the experience of bringing mind, heart, soul, and body together in all his passions. Grummons explains, "True liberation is not to be free from the wheel of life and death. True liberation is to be free from liberation itself."

Ten Thousand Waves by Douglas Grummons, published by First Edition Design Publishing http://www.firsteditiondesignpublishing.com, is available in eBook form and as a 134 page softcover print book ISBN 978-1622872275. It is available on-line wherever books are sold.

About the author:

Douglas Grummons was born an Air Force sergeant's son who followed in his father's footsteps by joining the Air Force himself. At every base he was stationed Doug picked up martial arts training. It was from Doug's martial art training that led to his discovery of the ways of the East. After his honorable discharge from the service he picked up surfing as well as many other extreme sports passions. Through his passions and meditations he developed Extreme Zen, an advanced form of meditation first experienced while skydiving. For more about the author and his book visit http://www.ten-thousand-waves.com.

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