Highly Controversial Thriller Novel entitled ISSA is released on Kindle

The fourth novel from C. Frederick Braun raises questions about the seventeen lost years of Jesus Christ.

Georgetown, TX, USA (June 4, 2014) -- The long awaited novel ISSA by Texas author C. Frederick Braun is now available on Kindle with special pricing in time for Father's Day. The book has been in the works since 2010 and is controversial in that it provides convincing evidence that Jesus Christ spent the seventeen lost years, those not found in the New Testament, with the Buddhist's in India and Tibet.

"I studied the Hemis Scrolls, discovered by Nicholas Notovitch in 1890 in Ladakh, India and used them as a basis for the book," noted Braun. "Additionally, I read the actual English translations of the scrolls conducted in 2005, which were almost exactly what Notovitch had reported. These scrolls are the only works we have depicting the life of Jesus written before the early fourth century. I then took it a step further and speculated on what would happen if scrolls, actually written by Jesus Christ, were discovered. The story is fictional and is kind of a cross between D. Brown and National Treasure but the history is very real." he added.

In the novel, Dennis Wicks, a young American soldier and former Army linguist goes off on a walkabout through Asia after a tour in Iraq. He purchases an old Buddhist Alms Bowl in a market and discovers a hidden compartment in the wicker carrier that contains leafy scrolls. Intrigued he begins the tedious process of translating them from ancient Pali to Sanskrit, To Tibetan and finally English. What he discovers will change the course of history. In his hands he is holding the only documents on earth actually written by the hand of God.

Soon, operatives from the Mossad, The Vatican, The Russian Mob and the CIA are trying to get their hands on the scrolls and the bowl and Dennis finds that people will go to any extreme to possess these scared scrolls.

Eliciting the help of his archeologist sister and a prominent religious studies professor, they travel from India to Pakistan to Athens and finally Tel Aviv trying to protect the relics and tell the world the Good News...They just have to live long enough to do it.

"There is a message for everyone in this book regardless of your religious beliefs. Many who have read it tell me it strengthened their belief system and gave them a better understanding of the similarities rather than the differences between Buddhists, Christians and other world religions." Braun said.

A translated copy of the actual Hemis Scrolls, believed to have been written about two years after Christ's death, is included in the back of the book.

Braun has written four novels and his latest military thriller in the Doug Hammer series will be released in July. That book, The Merida Compact, will join his books Border War, Two Seconds and ISSA on Kindle and Amazon. Terminal Threat, another novel in the series will be released for the holiday season.

Braun has also written two non-fiction books entitled Success Is Your Birthright and Above All Else--The Patriotic struggle to secure America's Borders.

His children's history book, Dooney's World--The Adventures of Dooney The Drummer Boy is also available on Amazon.

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