Actyl Announces Recruitment Trips to Belize, Jamaica

Efforts will bring in temporary foreign workers before changes to law take effect.

EDMONTON, Alberta (May 24, 2013) -- Actyl, a leading Canadian recruiting and human resources organization, will visit Belize and Jamaica in the coming days in an effort to bring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to Canadian businesses.

The trip, which will take place May 27-31, comes just in time to bring these workers to Canada before key changes to the law take effect this summer. These changes will make it more difficult and costly for TFWs to enter the country starting in August.

"It is important for employers to act now before the law changes make it more difficult to find quality TFWs," said Adrian Schulz, managing director of Actyl. "Later this summer, many of the advantages of hiring TFWs will be eliminated, making it more expensive for Canadian organizations businesses to rely on these very skilled and hard-working personnel. We're encouraging all businesses that will require the use of TFWs in the coming year to apply now to avoid the hardships that will be associated with the new law."

TFWs are frequently used to fill workforce gaps for businesses experiencing labor shortages. The changes in law will eliminate the accelerated Labor Market Opinion program that has offered businesses quick approval for the hiring of foreign workers. Elected officials intended these changes to force companies to find employees within the domestic workforce before turning to TFWs, even though the western provinces of Canada are currently experiencing a significant shortage in skilled workers.

Actyl will search for and interview candidates for jobs in Belize and Jamaica, two countries with thriving hospitality industries. These locales make for an ideal labor pool, as workers from these countries are often fluent in English and are highly qualified for work at Canadian businesses. Workers brought into the country before August will be exempt from the changes in the law.

"We have been successful in bringing in necessary temporary laborers to help Canadian businesses stay competitive in their respective markets," said Schulz. "It's important for companies to be aware of how these changes in the law will affect them. We look forward to our upcoming recruiting trip and encourage Canadian companies to look into the benefits of TFWs, if they haven't already."

Actyl specializes in recruiting skilled workers from competitive labor markets, which can help businesses fill gaps in their existing workforces. The firm actively recruits workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Ireland, the Philippines and other areas around the world.

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Please direct inquiries to: Adrian Schulz, 204-272-8653.

GradSave Partners with Children of Fallen Soldiers to Raise Funds for College is helping raise funds for children who have lost a parent serving in the Armed Forces.

Miami, FL, USA (May 24, 2013) -- This Memorial Day GradSave is proud to announce a new partnership with the Children of Fallen Soldiers Foundation. The campaign aims to increase awareness and raise educational savings for the children who have lost a parent while serving our armed forces.

The Children of Fallen Soldiers Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that aims to meet the needs of children who have lost a parent serving in the United States Armed Forces. The objective is to let these children know that our nation's citizens and families recognize their loss and are committed to help them achieve their highest potential in life. GradSave believes there is no better way to help them achieve these dreams than by providing them with a way to fund their college education.

Three families will be chosen by CoFS and will be featured on As we pay our respect this Memorial Day to the men and women who have fought and died for our freedom, please consider supporting the children they left behind by contributing to their college fund. Gifts start as low as $5.00 and in addition GradSave will be donating $1.00 for every GradSave transaction made from May 24th - 31st including gifts made to any of their current 8,000+ GradSavers.

"Children of Fallen Soldiers is always looking for better ways to serve the families who are living with the greatest sacrifice for our freedom. When called, they asked "What can we do to help?" We began to brainstorm and what evolved is this elegant solution empowering our military widows to save, as well as giving the public an opportunity to gift these precious children an education. The folks behind are brilliant experts and I have learned first-hand that the size of their hearts matches the size of their brains. We are honored to have as a corporate sponsor as well as a long term service partner." - Chaplain Timothy "TIG" Heaslet II, CGSE

"GradSave supports the hard work of our armed forces and we wanted to find a way to show our gratitude," said Marcos Cordero, CEO of GradSave. "This partnership is a perfect fit to not only help families making college savings easier, but also honor those who have served our country."

GradSave is the #1 College Savings Registry with over 8,000 families saving for college using the crowd-funding platform. Chief GradSaver Marcos Cordero mission is to make saving for college easy and effective for American families by using "the power of many". For more information please visit

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Sugar Daddies Are Quick Financial Fix for Many Single Moms, Dating Website Survey Shows

There is no greater gift a mother can offer to her child for International Children's Day on June 1st than her unconditional love and a life free of financial hardship. According to the results of a recent survey, thousands of single mothers living across the U.S. strive to offer their children exactly that - a life they can enjoy to the fullest free from financial worries.

New York, NY, USA (May 24, 2013) -- 77% of single moms responding to a new dating survey have taken up the Sugar Baby lifestyle for the financial benefits it can provide for themselves and their kids, according to a new online dating survey of 3,200 female members, aka Sugar Babies. Sugar Babies are single women who prefer dating prosperous men. A full 92% of the Sugar Daddies who answered another recent SugarDaddyForMe survey were willing to spend money on the children of their Sugar Baby.

The survey was conducted in honor of Children's Day, which is celebrated internationally each year on June 1st.

The rapidly growing movement toward trying the Sugar Baby lifestyle has gained amazing momentum over the last 12 months as shown by the fact that 69% of the single mother respondents confirmed that they are living the Sugar Baby life for a year or less.

46% of single mother respondents have one child, while the rest are raising two or more children.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that, besides the financial help that Sugar Daddy dating provides, this category of single mothers are also looking for emotional support:

- 57% of single mother Sugar Babies look forward to spending time with their Sugar Daddy as often as 3 to 5 times per week.
- An amazing 11% would be happy to see their Sugar Daddy 7 days a week.
- 65% would allow their Sugar Daddy to spend the night at least once a week.
- 7% of Sugar Babies would let their Sugar Daddy sleep over every night.

When it comes to mixing family life with the sugar one, 46% strongly believe that introducing their Sugar Daddy to their children is an option for when the sugar relationship is truly secure.

The fine line between family life and dating life is definitely blurring out just as the results depict an increasing number of single mothers who choose to be completely honest about their situation at home. Specifically, no less than 89% of the Sugar Babies currently dating say they are very open about their status as single mothers and have told their Sugar Daddies that they have children.

Results suggest that for these Sugar Baby single mothers, children and their welfare still come first within reasonable limits. Thus, 65% of them would keep on dating their Sugar Daddy even though their kids might express an obvious dislike toward him, but would make sure that they never meet.

Drawing on the results of the latest SugarDaddyForMe survey, the top 10 states with the largest numbers of single mothers who are looking to date a supportive Sugar Daddy are: 1-California, 2-Texas, 3-New York, 4-Florida, 5-Georgia, 6-Ohio, 7-Illinois, 8-North Carolina, 9-Pennsylvania, 10-Michigan.

To view the full results of the survey, please visit


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