Actyl Announces Recruitment Trips to Belize, Jamaica

Efforts will bring in temporary foreign workers before changes to law take effect.

EDMONTON, Alberta (May 24, 2013) -- Actyl, a leading Canadian recruiting and human resources organization, will visit Belize and Jamaica in the coming days in an effort to bring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to Canadian businesses.

The trip, which will take place May 27-31, comes just in time to bring these workers to Canada before key changes to the law take effect this summer. These changes will make it more difficult and costly for TFWs to enter the country starting in August.

"It is important for employers to act now before the law changes make it more difficult to find quality TFWs," said Adrian Schulz, managing director of Actyl. "Later this summer, many of the advantages of hiring TFWs will be eliminated, making it more expensive for Canadian organizations businesses to rely on these very skilled and hard-working personnel. We're encouraging all businesses that will require the use of TFWs in the coming year to apply now to avoid the hardships that will be associated with the new law."

TFWs are frequently used to fill workforce gaps for businesses experiencing labor shortages. The changes in law will eliminate the accelerated Labor Market Opinion program that has offered businesses quick approval for the hiring of foreign workers. Elected officials intended these changes to force companies to find employees within the domestic workforce before turning to TFWs, even though the western provinces of Canada are currently experiencing a significant shortage in skilled workers.

Actyl will search for and interview candidates for jobs in Belize and Jamaica, two countries with thriving hospitality industries. These locales make for an ideal labor pool, as workers from these countries are often fluent in English and are highly qualified for work at Canadian businesses. Workers brought into the country before August will be exempt from the changes in the law.

"We have been successful in bringing in necessary temporary laborers to help Canadian businesses stay competitive in their respective markets," said Schulz. "It's important for companies to be aware of how these changes in the law will affect them. We look forward to our upcoming recruiting trip and encourage Canadian companies to look into the benefits of TFWs, if they haven't already."

Actyl specializes in recruiting skilled workers from competitive labor markets, which can help businesses fill gaps in their existing workforces. The firm actively recruits workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Ireland, the Philippines and other areas around the world.

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