Michelle Dumas Elected 2017 President of The NRWA

The National Resume Writers' Association Selects Founder of Distinctive Career Services President-Elect and Ethics Chair for 2016.

Wakefield, NH, USA (August 26, 2015) -- Michelle Dumas, founder of Distinctive Career Services LLC, career and resume consultants for professionals and executives for nearly 20 years, has been elected President of the The National Resume Writer's Association (NRWA) for 2017. In the interim, she will serve The NWRA as President Elect and Ethics Chair beginning January 1, 2016.

The NRWA is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the support of professional resume writers. The Association is responsible for increasing market visibility for resume writers, promoting standards of excellence and best practices, and providing peer marketing, training, and certification. Michelle has been an active member of The NRWA since shortly after its inception in 1997. Michelle has served on the The NRWA Certification Commission, has been a member of the Certification Commission Advisory Board for seven years, and has most recently served two terms on the Board of Directors as Director of Industry, Experienced Business Owners. She has also been a speaker at The NRWA annual conferences.

"Since inception, The NRWA has been an important force for creating standards and best practices for professional resume writers," said Dumas. "I am honored to have been elected and look forward to continuing to work with my peers to develop a plan of action that will promote the continued growth and success of The NRWA. Working together, we can continue to promote the highest ethical standards for our profession, and continue to cultivate new benefits for our members."

A large percentage of The NRWA members are self-employed or small business owners. Other members work in state employment offices, college placement offices, and military placement offices. The members are committed to professional development and many have earned professional credentials. The NRWA offers its own certification and education programs, including the Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) credential.

Michelle is one of only a handful of professional resume writers to hold both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) credentials. She also is a trained career coach and a Certified Personal Branding Strategist (CPBS). Michelle also has credentials as a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and a Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC).

Michelle created Distinctive Career Services to offer a range of career support services to executives, including resume writing, cover letter writing, Linkedin profile development, job search assistance, personal branding strategies, and more. All the firm's services are tailored to each job seeker's needs and are highly customized.

In addition to founding Distinctive Career Services, Michelle is the author of "101 Before and After Resume Examples" and "Secrets of a Successful Job Search." She also is a contributor to more than a dozen books on resume writing and job search. Michelle works personally with executive clients through her exclusive career marketing program, http://www.100kcareermarketing.com.

About Distinctive Career Services

Founded in 1996, Distinctive Career Services, LLC (formerly Distinctive Documents) offers professional resume writing and consultation, design, and distribution services to job hunters worldwide. Using a proprietary methodology, Distinctive Career Services provides its clients with all the tools necessary to promote and market themselves, and shows them how to open new doors to reach their highest career aspirations. The firm's clients include thousands of job seekers at all professional levels to the highest C-level executives. Clients come from all industries and include working professionals looking to advance or change their careers as well as under- and unemployed workers looking to shorten their job search.

For more information, visit Distinctive Career Services online at http://www.distinctiveweb.com.

Michelle Dumas
Founder and Executive Director
Distinctive Career Services, LLC
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Groups Combine Forces to Target GOP Incumbents Backing Amnesty for Illegals

Contact: William Gheen | (866) 703-0864 | WilliamG@alipac.us

Raleigh, NC, USA (August 26, 2015) -- ALIPAC is announcing a groundbreaking new tactic that is being added to The Cantor List which targets GOP incumbents in Congress who support immigration reform amnesty for illegal immigrants.

This new innovative strategy involves adding 100 Facebook social media pages created by the activist group Rise Up America (RUA) to the Cantor List. The RUA social media groups and the Cantor List will now point at each other so volunteers can easily use both the list and the groups to recruit and support GOP primary challengers!

View Upgraded Cantor List: The Cantor List

"While Facebook is heavily and actively biased against conservative activists like us, we hope this unprecedented move of marrying 100 social media groups with the Cantor List will help Americans find and support more qualified challengers to throw more Eric Cantor style amnesty supporters out of office in 2016!" said ALIPAC's President William Gheen. "The Trump campaign phenomena can inspire more candidates to challenge establishment Republicans and create a GOP primary coattail effect that will benefit our anti-amnesty challenger candidates while the implosion of the Jeb Bush campaign creates negative coattail pressure on corrupt incumbents like John McCain and John Boehner!"

ALIPAC has already endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward and JD Winteregg in their GOP primary campaigns to remove Senator John McCain and Speaker John Boehner from office 2016 and has standing endorsements for 75 members of Congress that the US Chamber of Commerce is targeting for removal because they stopped amnesty legislation.

When visitors visit the Cantor List, which is still under construction, they may now click on the names of political targets to access the ALIPAC Amnesty profile page or click on the "Organize Against on Facebook" link to access 100 pages of activists! While some pages are new with few or handfuls of people on them so far, others have hundreds to thousands of supporters already in place for this new phase of the Cantor List.

Social media users visiting any of the 100 Facebook pages being entwined with the Cantor List will see links back to the ALIPAC Amnesty Profiles, the Cantor List, and regular updates posted about the national movement to revolt against GOP establishment candidates seeking to change current US laws to accommodate and promote millions of illegal aliens on US soil.

Rise Up America and the 100 Facebook groups matching the targets on the Cantor List were created by volunteers who were originally inspired by ALIPAC's initial call to target and replace GOP lawmakers that voted to fund Obama's amnesty decrees via a clean DHS funding bill in January of 2015.

For more information or to schedule interview, please visit http://www.ALIPAC.us To review the Cantor List and the 100 Facebook pages being added to the list, visit http://www.alipac.us/f8/cantor-list-321399.