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Sarasota, Florida, USA - November 04, 2011 -- Training for unveils today their website's new membership enhancements - Discussion Forums, Online Business Directory, Business Mentoring Programs, and Virtual Online Classrooms. With these new website features and programs, Training for has positioned itself as one of the most comprehensive online resource centers for small business development. Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike can acquire valuable business knowledge and fine-tune their entrepreneurial skill set for advancing their personal and professional careers.

Not only are the visitors to the Training for (TFE) website immediately drawn to the site's new-look, enhanced features, and improved navigation, but they are also able to recognize how the TFE website continues to honor its commitment of providing high-quality information as well as business soft skills training and business mentoring programs.

"We are quickly becoming the ultimate online destination for entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance in starting a new business, or for business owners who are seeking guidance for strategies that will re-energize their existing businesses," stated Terry H. Hill, the Chief Business Mentor and Co-founder of Training for Our goal is to help entrepreneurial-minded individuals acquire business skills training, engage in virtual business mentoring, and access business networking opportunities via the TFE online portal. Together we can be part of the catalyst for putting America back to work."

The new state-of-the-art website truly captures the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Training for as it offers its members and guests a unique small business online community platform that affords fellow entrepreneurs networking opportunities that help them promote their businesses, learn best-in-practice business tactics/techniques, and implement strategies for starting and growing their businesses.

The newly-expanded Training for website enhancements include networking, promotional, and learning tools:

- TFE Business Chat Discussion Forum enables TFE Members to interact with and to learn from each other.
- TFE Marketplace Business Directory provides excellent promotional opportunities for TFE Members.
- TFE Virtual Mentoring Programs provide both individual and group mentoring sessions.
- TFE Virtual Online Classrooms offer a convenient, manageable, and cost effective learning environment -- without any time or geographic constraints.

TFE offers both individual and group mentoring programs. The new TFE One-to-One Mentoring Program is a fee-based, month-to-month service where a TFE Business Mentor focuses entirely on helping an individual craft and implement effective strategies to transition his personal and/or professional endeavors to the next level. In addition to the TFE individual mentoring program, group mentoring sessions are also available. The group TFE Work-Smart Program is limited to groups of 10 individuals who want to learn how to maximize their time and increase their productivity. The group TFE Start-Smart Program is also limited to groups of 10 individuals who are interested in learning to effectively start and run their own business.

"The new TFE Virtual Online Classrooms are the hub of our online training and mentoring activities. These state-of-the-art virtual classrooms are equipped with audio conferencing, web cams, electronic whiteboards, and application/file sharing capabilities that allow for live interaction between TFE Online Business Mentors and fellow online classmates," said Training for Co-founder and Executive Director, Dolly A. Stevens.

Training for learners realize the advantages of the virtual online classroom - the elimination of travel and lodging expenses that are associated with traditional, location-specific training, and the added convenience of participating in virtual online learning from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Members will appreciate the highly-organized, user-friendly Training for website with its expansive content inventory that includes: assessment tools, audio and video clips, special reports, white papers, premium blogs, podcasts content, and an article library. In addition to its own vault of training courses and mentoring programs, the TFE website offers entrepreneurs and business owners a gateway to a multitude of third-party commercial and educational websites that also offer high-quality business development content. To learn more about membership opportunities, and to join the Training for community, visit

About the Company
Training for (TFE) is a knowledge/relationship development website of Legacy Associates, Inc. (, a small business consulting and management services firm that is located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, USA. TFE serves the world-wide web in three primary capacities: Facilitators of a web-based entrepreneurial development community, Creators & Publishers of educational content for small businesses, and Trainers & Mentors of online e-Learning courses and virtual mentoring programs.

As facilitators, TFE manages an online small business resource center and membership community that affords its members access to digital content that is presented in text, graphics, audio, and video formats.

As publishers, TFE creates, develops, and publishes business informational and instructional content: articles, reports, e-Books, audio programs, live instructional presentations, instructor-narrated, self-paced e-Learning courses, and instructional material for virtual mentoring programs.

As trainers/mentors, TFE trainers teach a series of online, interactive soft skills business training and award certification for completion of e-Learning courses in personal productivity, leadership skills, time management, interpersonal skills, project management, strategic management, and negotiation skills. TFE Mentors conduct live virtual classroom mentoring programs for planning, starting, branding, growing, and exiting a business.

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