They Own It All (Including You)! by Ronald McDonald now available in EBook and Print Versions

This nonfiction historical based political book -- They Own It All (Including You)! shows how the snatching of wealth from the public has removed humanity from its liberties and ownership of property.

Guerneville, CA, USA (March 26, 2013) -- They Own It All (Including You)! by Ronald MacDonald explains how an ancient prophecy coincides with modern commerce and banking to create the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the people in world history. This book traces your Rights and Liberties, including property ownership, originating out of our birthright, English Common Law. It proves beyond any doubt that these Rights have been replaced by mere privileges akin to a serf on the Lord's manner. It's all been perfected legally in a master plan of diabolical genius. Discover how the modern money system is the basis of unimaginable events including the surrender of American sovereignty without a shot fired. Carrying a stealth and hidden "Mark of the bea$t", it has led to the destruction of your liberties, and is the ultimate source and cause of the in progress economic calamity.

"We are apt for a spectacular renovation within our country and the world. Liberty is not just the birthright, but is in fact the sole core of free expression of Nature and Nature's Creature, man," says MacDonald. "Anything, which is less than this, is bondage. We are bound with but one restraint, and that is, 'Cause no injury to another.'"

Readers of They Own It All (Including You)! will enjoy unraveling one of the greatest secrets that has ever been revealed. Learn how you and your loved ones can reclaim their unalienable Rights endowed by the Creator (Declarations of Independence), and free your neighbors and fellow citizens who have been physically and economically incarcerated by a corrupt monetary system. Read about who really owns the American court system.

Melodee, the host of "Truth Quest" said about They Own It All (Including You)!, "Seldom in history does a book come along where readers comment that it should be in the home of every American family, and placed on the mantle right next to the family Bible. But that is what readers of this book are saying. With very simple grammar, They Own It All, tackles a subject craftily hidden from the average man - the true nature of modern currency and its impact on his personal life and freedom."

Participate in restoring America from the clutches of hidden Masters. Watch the invisible becoming visible! If you've ever wondered who and what the hidden puppeteer is who pulls the strings on both the American government and you from behind the curtain, "They Own It All (Including You)!" is sure to bring shock and awe.

The ebook version of They Own It All (Including You)! ISBN 9781622872695, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 258 page print book version, ISBN 9781439233610 was published by BookSurge Publishing.

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