PB Millionaire To Sponsor First Annual Miss Pacific Beach Contest

The first ever Miss Pacific Beach Contest will be held on September 14th at 7:00PM in Pacific Beach at PB Bar & Grill.

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 29, 2011 -- The first ever Miss Pacific Beach Contest will be held on September 14th at 7:00PM in Pacific Beach at PB Bar & Grill. According to Jim Lawlor, locally known as the PB Millionaire, the contest will be an annual event. Lawlor (see bio at: http://www.pbmillionairebio.com) is the producer and star of the upcoming PB Reality Show (http://www.pbreality.com), which is set to release next year. The Miss Pacific Beach Contest will be filmed as a part of his new TV show. “It is a behind-the-scenes look of the contest and all the drama the happens along the way - which makes for great TV, “ Lawlor says.

The event consists of a bikini contest but also includes a fashion show. However, it’s not all about physical beauty. The judges will base their decisions on the question and answer portion of the contest as well. “We are looking for someone who would well represent PB, which means they have to be intelligent, have a good personality and be of good moral character. The winner will be a spokesperson for our charitable causes so we want someone who is genuinely kind-hearted,” says Lawlor who is to be one of the four judges.

The winner will not only be crowned and titled Miss Pacific Beach but will walk away with the grand prize of $3000. The second place winner gets $1000. The third place winner - a $500 shopping spree at the Fashion Valley Mall. To enter for the contest, Ms PB hopefuls will attend various castings including a Luau themed party that will have various contests in a process of elimination to help decide who qualifies. And, of course, all this is filmed as a part of the TV show. There will be 20 ladies selected to be entered into the contest.

Lawlor is a San Diego success story. When he first arrived here, he didn't even have a enough money to pay his rent and occasionally slept in his car and on the beach. He resorted to painting houses and serendipitously invented a pair of painting goggles that eventually made him millions. His favorite charities include helping the homeless here in San Diego. In fact, all proceeds from the TV show’s bikini calendar go to Photo Charity (http://www.photocharity.org) - a San Diego based charity that helps the homeless youth here.

Those ladies who would like to become a contestant in the Miss Pacific Beach Contest should go to the show’s website for more details at: http://www.pbreality.com

The PB Reality Show
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ESCATEC continues its multi-million dollar equipment investment plan with new $250K Functional Tester

Investment ensures smooth transition to high volume manufacturing in Asian facilities.

Heerbrugg, Switzerland, May 29, 2011 -- ESCATEC, the EMS innovator, has just invested in a second, quarter of million dollar Functional Tester from LX-Instruments for its facility in Heerbrugg, Switzerland to provide electrical testing of PCBAs and final assembled products.

We have a multi-million dollar investment programme to ensure that we have the latest and best facilities,” explained Gerhard Klauser, General Manager at ESCATEC Switzerland. “This ensures that we can provide customers with the precision and quality that they expect from a Swiss company. We upgrade all equipment and software at the same time throughout the ESCATEC Group so that we can transfer production from our low volume production facilities in Switzerland to our high volume facilities in Asia. Having exactly the same state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment everywhere ensures that the transfer is always seamless, quick and error free.”

Being able to provide customers with a smooth transition to high volume, low cost manufacture in Asia is a key part of ESCATEC’s service to customers. Switzerland provides European customers with a local partner where new ideas for products can be worked on by ESCATEC’s Research and Design department. “Between us, we speak most European languages and, being located in the heart of Europe, we are only a short flight away for European companies,” said Gerhard Klauser. “This enables us to work closely with customers and provide a very personal service to refine the product and optimise the design for manufacturability. Our manufacturing facility in Heerbrugg is in the same building so the R&D department can walk the floor to help iron out any bugs. Once it makes sense to transfer to high volume manufacture, we simply ship all the machine control programmes out to our facilities in Malaysia which can immediately start production. Being part of the ESCATEC Group, ensures that they operate to the same exacting standards of Swiss precision.”

An example of ESCATEC’s commitment to quality and precision is that all of its facilities operate to the ISO13485 quality management standards, which is one of the highest standards and is designed for the manufacture of medical equipment. “Very few EMS companies are certified to this high standard because of the costs of doing so but we have invested in this certification as our customers want Swiss precision in all aspects of their dealings with us,” concluded Martin Kingdon, ESCATEC’s Business Development Director. “By always operating to this standard throughout our organisation, which is well in excess of most product requirements, ensures that we deliver that all the time.” Further information on ESCATEC, one of Europe’s leading provider of design and manufacturing services: http://www.escatec.com / enquiries@escatec.com

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Scientists Move Towards A HIV Cure

Dr. Alain Lafeuillade and Dr. Mario Stevenson, are pleased to announce the 5th International Workshop on HIV Persistence During Therapy, to be held December 6-9, 2011 in St Maarten, West Indies. The Workshop will be of invaluable importance for scientists working towards a HIV cure.

Toulon, France, May 29, 2011 -- Dr. Alain Lafeuillade, Toulon, France and Dr. Mario Stevenson, University of Miami, USA are pleased to announce the 5th International Workshop on HIV Persistence During Therapy, to be held December 6-9, 2011. This Workshop will include the participation of the finest scientific minds in the world. As these researchers progressively move towards developing a HIV Cure, the continuing exchange of information, data, and experiments in a highly dedicated meeting is of utmost importance.

The International Workshop provides an invaluable tool for scientists who are working towards a cure for this pandemic to share important information regarding their research. More than 7,000 people each day are infected with HIV/AIDS. Since 1981, more than 60 million people have been infected, with half of those already died from HIV/AIDS. The expense of antiretroviral treatment for patients is astronomical and the attempts to provide universal access to treatment and care has proven financially unsustainable. Therefore, the only solution to this disease is to find a cure. The issues that have been identified as scientists have made major advances in finding a cure, has been the disinterest of investors and lack of commitment on the part of most politicians.

Since the 2008, cure of the Berlin Patient, the feasibility of a cure for HIV has become more viable and researchers throughout the world are taking different approaches to addressing the infection.

Sessions at this year's International Workshop will include, but are not limited to:








Speakers and presenters from around the world will be joining the Workshop to share their research findings and information. This will be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge-base as well as your network of scientists and researchers working towards the same goal. The invaluable information you will find at the Workshop will provide the catalyst for substantial dialogue and information sharing.

To get more information and details about the advantages and benefits of attending the 5th International Workshop on HIV Persistence During Therapy, visit http://www.informedhorizons.com/persistence2011 today.

Members or the press or individuals wishing to get more information how this press release and how the Workshop will help scientists move towards a HIV cure will find contact information below.

Contact Information:
Alain Lafeuillade, MD, PhD Chief Department of Infectious Diseases
General Hospital
Toulon, France
Tel: 33-4-94616340