The Marketing Magnifying Glass

The goal of this e-book is to teach you how to accelerate the changes you want in your investments, and sales.

CRESTON, BC, January 17, 2011
-- Digital Mind Coach E-Books …Written By Perry Ritthaler, Published By Davis E-Book Publishing.

The Marketing Magnifying Glass $12.95 Canada 8.14 MB

Business - Marketing - Over A 100 Beautifully Full Colored Illustrations To Comfort The Mind Of The Entrepreneur - Your dream is to be the world’s next top entrepreneur.  You read this 'The Marketing Magnifying Glass' e-book, become persistent in what it tells you to do to enhance your performance, modify your behavior for a richer empowerment, instill your mind with the great knowledge of reducing or even eliminating stress in your every day life, and your next step...the top rung of the corporate ladder.

"The Marketing Magnifying Glass"
is a marketing e-book designed to empower the consumer making investments or any sales organizations looking to increase gross sales of products and create improved profit margins. It is an easy-to-understand training manual for marketing, in e-book format, and is chocked full of psychological affirmations and marketing exercises that empower the consumer to see how and why sales representatives sell faster and at higher volume while building their salesmanship closing capabilities, even when contacting potential clients for the first time.

Imagine making the right investments and living the life you want!

This e-book will help you understand how or why a company sells products;, and after reading this e-book, you will feel more confident making investments or selling products in the market place.

Marketing is everything that one does to reach and persuade prospective clients. The sales process is everything that a salesperson does to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. However it's not uncommon for a company to be unbalanced when it comes to these two key ingredients of business success.

Through reading this e-book, you can educate yourself and decide if the company you're investing in is effectively integrating the marketing and sales processes?

Sales executives consistently are told to build or rebuild their sales process to match their customers' buying processes. This is sound advice that can shorten the sales cycle. Many answers to the question "How do I most effectively and efficiently do this?" are found in “The Marketing Magnifying Glass”.

Lead nurturing is about providing the right content at the right time to address a problem that a prospective client is focused on (or at least considering) solving. Lead nurturing is based upon content that educates the prospective client about the problem, provides expertise about how to solve it, and then proves evidence that the expertise pays off with results the prospective client wants and needs.

What is the difference between marketing and sales? Let's think about this question for a moment. With effective marketing, you will perhaps find prospective clients or leads to follow up with, but yet without a good sales technique and strategy, your closing rate may not be effective.

Marketing is everything that you do to reach and persuade prospective clients to buy or use your product.

Both are necessary to the success of any business or stock created and sold in the market place. You cannot do without either process. By strategically combining both efforts through this e-book you will experience business growth by working more efficiently.

The goal of this e-book is to teach you how to accelerate the changes you want in your investments, and sales.

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