Rosendin Electric Named Specialty Contractor of the Year by ENR California

Rosendin Electric Singled Out for Fiscal Growth, Geographic Expansion, and Community Involvement.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (September 27, 2011) -- ENR California Magazine has named Rosendin Electric Specialty Contractor of the Year in California. Rosendin Electric (, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor and a 100% employee-owned company, was singled out for its financial and geographic growth, and ongoing commitment to community involvement.

In announcing the award, Robert Carlsen, Regional Editor of ENR California, wrote: “Rosendin Electric has successfully expanded into a number of marketplaces, such as Virginia, Texas, Canada and Guam, and has focused profitably on wind farms and data centers. And, again, not surprisingly, with revenue gains and geographic expansion comes hiring: Rosendin Electric’s employee count was 2,150 employees in December 2009, 2,290 in December 2010 and 2,465 in June 2011. The firm traditionally puts great emphasis on community involvement with such organizations as the San Francisco AIDS Walk, Diabetes “Step Out,” and Habitat for Humanity. Rosendin Electric also worked with Project HOPE to restore a 73-bed hospital in Milot, Haiti as part of the Haiti Earthquake Relief effort.”

Rosendin Electric demonstrated a growth of 26 percent in California revenue over the last year. The company also opened a Mid-Atlantic regional office, completed the acquisition of KST Electric in Texas, and expanded field operations with work in Canada and Guam.

This is the third industry award we have garnered in the last couple of weeks, clearly marking another banner year for Rosendin Electric,” said Tom Sorely, Chairman and CEO of Rosendin Electric. “We have a bright and dedicated team with extensive expertise in design build, data center, solar, wind power, and other areas of specialization that continue to give us a leg up on our competitors. This award is a great testament to the commitment of everyone in the Rosendin Electric family.”

Rosendin Electric will be profiled in the October 10 issue of ENR California.

About Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a 100% employee-owned electrical engineering, power and communications provider and is the largest privately held electrical contractor in the United States. With over 2,000 employees and experience nationwide, Rosendin Electric has built upon a 90-year reputation for quality design and installations. For additional information, visit


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ESCATEC invests in new diebonder to triple throughput

ESCATEC, the EMS innovator, has invested in a Hilbond DB 750 diebonder to increase the company’s diebonding capabilities.

Heerbrugg, Switzerland - September 27, 2011 -- ESCATEC, the EMS innovator, has invested in a Hilbond DB 750 diebonder to increase the company’s diebonding capabilities. The new machine is very accurate and fast, enabling ESCATEC to triple its existing diebonding throughput. The high degree of accuracy also means that the following production steps (e.g. wirebonding) have been accelerated.

The Hilbond joins the existing Amadyne SAM 42 diebonder that is older and very flexible but slower. The latter is used for bigger dies and assemblies. The new, faster Hilbond is used for products with a medium to high placement rate and high automation level or for fast prototyping.

Robert Gade, the Industrial Engineer at ESCATEC who is in charge of the diebonding machines, added, “Having these two different diebonding machines not only increases throughput and accuracy but it also enables us to use the best machine for the job be it rapid prototyping or big dies. Rapid prototyping is particularly useful here at the Heerbrugg facility as this is where our Global R&D operation is based and it enables us to ensure that we get customers’ new products quickly into production.”

In keeping with ESCATEC’s philosophy of investing in the latest state of the art software and machinery, they have just added a brand new feature to the Hilbond. Wafer mapping that enables dies to be sorted by class or by light intensity into trays. This is called “bin-batch”. It can also place dies according to the quality or classes, as the product is requesting it. The quality class can be changed in an active running program, so that a change to the available material is quickly done, just in time. A wafer map can be created from a programmed wafer and custom classes can be created if needed. Partly unpicked dies on the wafer map can be exported and stored and a converter helps to process different file types.

The diebonding machines are located in ESCATEC’s MOEMS (Micro Optic Electronic Manufacturing Services) facility in Heerbrugg which is designed to meet the growing demand for miniaturised electronics. Miniaturised electronics and sub-assemblies can be manufactured at very high levels of cleanliness and technological precision under Class 5 and Class 7 cleanroom conditions. It is supported by the rest of the Group’s global operations that include the ability to ramp up to high volume manufacturing in Asia.

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BusinessVibes hosted Webinar for Rubber & Plastics Professionals

Businessvibes hosted a webinar for its members in the rubber and plastics industry on Wednesday, September 21st. The webinar archive is available on

London, UK, September 27, 2011 -- Businessvibes, the B2B networking platform, hosted a webinar for its members in the rubber and plastics industry on Wednesday, September 21st. The webinar archive is available on BusinessVibes (brief registration required).

The webinar featured presentations from the British Plastics Federation, the PlasticsEurope, the Assocomaplast and the Malaysian Rubber Board, each discussing their respective market from an informed industry perspective. The speakers, Stephen Hunt, from BPF, Patricia Vangheluwe, from PlasticsEurope, Mario Maggiani, from Assocomaplast and Dr. Salmiah Ahmad, from MRB, discussed issues relevant to potential investors and companies looking to enter or purchase from the markets, including:

- Policy and regulatory overviews of each market
- Italian Plastics and Rubber machinery industry
- British Plastics industry overview
- The Importance of a Common Life Cycle Assessment Methodology for Plastics
- Second frontier of sustainability in Rubber industry: Malaysia

Attendees were able to submit questions to the speakers over a live chat, and also communicate with each other about business opportunities. BusinessVibes' mission is to make it simple for businesses to find international buyers, suppliers, joint venture partners and more. There are over 500,000 members worldwide, interacting via profiles, messaging, and participation in live and virtual events.

BusinessVibes also works with event planners, providing a platform for promotion, registration, and payment for industry conferences, trade shows, and webinars. The event management features complement the online connections possible on the service, by encouraging members to interact in person or in real time.

More webinars are planned for 2011. Next online conference will take place on 20th October and it will be held in the subject area of paper and Packaging. BusinessVibes has also hosted webinars covering the Gems & Jewellery, the Textiles, the Renewable Energy and Rubber & Plastics industries, and it is planning to have the one covering IT industry and more in the coming months.

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