ESCATEC invests in new diebonder to triple throughput

ESCATEC, the EMS innovator, has invested in a Hilbond DB 750 diebonder to increase the company’s diebonding capabilities.

Heerbrugg, Switzerland - September 27, 2011 -- ESCATEC, the EMS innovator, has invested in a Hilbond DB 750 diebonder to increase the company’s diebonding capabilities. The new machine is very accurate and fast, enabling ESCATEC to triple its existing diebonding throughput. The high degree of accuracy also means that the following production steps (e.g. wirebonding) have been accelerated.

The Hilbond joins the existing Amadyne SAM 42 diebonder that is older and very flexible but slower. The latter is used for bigger dies and assemblies. The new, faster Hilbond is used for products with a medium to high placement rate and high automation level or for fast prototyping.

Robert Gade, the Industrial Engineer at ESCATEC who is in charge of the diebonding machines, added, “Having these two different diebonding machines not only increases throughput and accuracy but it also enables us to use the best machine for the job be it rapid prototyping or big dies. Rapid prototyping is particularly useful here at the Heerbrugg facility as this is where our Global R&D operation is based and it enables us to ensure that we get customers’ new products quickly into production.”

In keeping with ESCATEC’s philosophy of investing in the latest state of the art software and machinery, they have just added a brand new feature to the Hilbond. Wafer mapping that enables dies to be sorted by class or by light intensity into trays. This is called “bin-batch”. It can also place dies according to the quality or classes, as the product is requesting it. The quality class can be changed in an active running program, so that a change to the available material is quickly done, just in time. A wafer map can be created from a programmed wafer and custom classes can be created if needed. Partly unpicked dies on the wafer map can be exported and stored and a converter helps to process different file types.

The diebonding machines are located in ESCATEC’s MOEMS (Micro Optic Electronic Manufacturing Services) facility in Heerbrugg which is designed to meet the growing demand for miniaturised electronics. Miniaturised electronics and sub-assemblies can be manufactured at very high levels of cleanliness and technological precision under Class 5 and Class 7 cleanroom conditions. It is supported by the rest of the Group’s global operations that include the ability to ramp up to high volume manufacturing in Asia.

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