hCG Training with the IAPAM Qualifies Physicians for Special MedMal Program

The IAPAM is committed to educating physicians in the industry’s best practices for hCG for medical weight loss management. In support of this commitment, the IAPAM has created the industry's most comprehensive hCG training for physicians who want to add hCG for weight loss and other medical weight management treatments to their practices.

Las Vegas, NV, February 22, 2011 -- The IAPAM's hCG Physician Training program (http://www.aestheticmedicinesymposium.com/physician-hcg-weight-loss-training) covers all the latest advancements in Medical Weight Loss, including: hCG, B6/B12 injections, ketogenic diets, VLCD and LCD, meal replacements, prescription medications for weight loss, and laser assisted liposuction. Now, attendees at the also qualify for a special medical malpractice insurance program. The IAPAM's hCG Training session is a response to the overwhelming interest of IAPAM members in offering hCG and other weight management treatments to their patients. Today the IAPAM (http://www.iapam.com) announces it offers the only hCG Medical Weight Management training in North America approved for a special medical malpractice rate for those who have attended and have been certified by the IAPAM. This medical malpractice coverage is not offered to any other hCG training program. 
Furthermore, special medical malpractice insurance rates are not the only benefit to being certified by the IAPAM. The IAPAM's Weight Management session is the most complete and comprehensive offered in North America. The IAPAM's program gives doctors "all the information they need to start offering medical weight loss programs to their patients immediately upon returning to their practices," emphasizes Jeff Russell, Executive Director of the IAPAM and one of the IAPAM faculty instructors presenting at the IAPAM's hCG training. 
Coupled with unsurpassed clinical and business intelligence, attendees will also receive a CD including the IAPAM's comprehensive hCG for Weight Loss medical history form, the IAPAM's hCG informed consent form, as well as other marketing resources, and waiting room presentations. Equally, registrants receive the IAPAM's hCG Physician Handbook, and a copy of the IAPAM's hCG Patient Guidebook which can be re-ordered and distributed to all hCG patients. Finally, attendees leave with a directory of contacts including: a compounding pharmacy where they can order their hCG at a special discount, a contact for meal replacements products, and a contact for metabolic assessment tools, like those showcased on the hit TV series, The Biggest Loser (tm). 
"We not only cover hCG for weight loss, but B6/B12 injections, pharmacology, ketogenic and other diets, as well as VLCD/LCD meal replacement programs," asserts Russell. "Through the development and delivery of this comprehensive and timely training, the IAPAM re-affirms its commitment to physicians, to provide the industry’s foremost aesthetic medicine and now medically supervised weight loss education. The IAPAM has long been recognized as the leading Botox training, dermal filler training, and laser training provider in North America, and now our new hCG for Medical Weight Loss certification has also been recognized by a principal insurance provider."

To register for the upcoming session of the IAPAM's hCG/Physician Weight Loss Training, please see http://www.iapam.com or contact the IAPAM at pr1@theiapam.com or 1-800-219-5108 ext 708.

About the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs). Information about the association can be accessed through IAPAM’s website at http://www.IAPAM.com or by contacting:

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director
International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
1-800-219-5108 x704

IAPAM's hCG Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HCGWeightLoss

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